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HCG True Diet -Offers Rapid Weight Loss Results

 News Release:

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. – A healthy program for dramatic weight loss is being offered in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and some dieters are experiencing up to a 25-pound fat loss in 40 days.  What makes the diet so unique is the use of HCG, (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a natural hormone with the ability to change metabolism. The hormone is the pregnancy hormone and is safe, as it is produced in large amounts in pregnant women without harm.

Dr. Robert L. True, of True Aesthetics Center in Colleyville, offers this unique medical weight loss program for patients (female and male) desiring a healthy management program. How does it work? Dr. True reports the HCG “tricks” your body into thinking it is “pregnant.” Coupled with a very low calorie diet, this process changes your metabolism causing it to burn fat reserves resulting in weight loss of one-half to one pounds day for most people.

True says HCG in a pregnant woman pulls away the calories from the stored fat and puts these nutrients into the blood stream to make sure the fetus survives and grow. Similarly, any body that has HCG in it coupled with a very low calorie diet will have the same response; i.e., the HCG mobilizes abnormal deposits of fat for nutrition.

It specifically targets large abnormal reserves of fat, and these are the ones that most overweight people have trouble reducing. If you have tried dieting and exercising and you have reached a plateau, this may be the key to changing your metabolism and get you off that plateau.

The diet is not a new fad. It was first developed in the 1950s and 1960s by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons and has been used successfully through the decades. What is also unique about the diet is that Simeons’ research revealed that patients on this HCG/low calorie combination did not get that “fatigued, haggard look” that results from a very low calorie diet. Instead, patients have energy and “look fresh.”

Patients are reporting improved moods, restful sleep, body shaping benefits, and minimal hunger pains.

“Normally, without HCG, ingesting a very low calorie diet will result in fatigue, loss of energy, and hunger pains.  But, HCG works to maintain your energy level and decrease your appetite,” True states. “It pulls nutrients from the abnormal fat stores, the body sees the nutrients in the blood and thus hunger pains are minimal.”

He acknowledges that when most hear of the minimal caloric intake they are immediately wary.  “They don’t think they can do it, but once they start they are amazed that they are not as hungry as they thought” he says.

Dr. True says the diet is only for those who want to lose a moderate to a large amount of weight. “For those who only have 5-10 pounds to lose this is not for them as they do not have the abnormal fat stores. This is for people who have 15 to 90 pounds or more fat to lose,” he reports.

After his own careful research, True has adapted a diet protocol that includes: doctor supervision, a thorough medical exam, an EKG and blood work.  The patient is seen every two weeks for six weeks, and supplemental vitamin shots are given. The patient uses a cream to get the daily dose of HCG, or injections given daily by the patient may also be used.

The HCG True Diet Protocol consists of four phases. Phase 1 and 2 are 40 days of the diet, Phase 3 is a transition/maintenance phase, and Phase 4 is permanent changes. The dieter can only use HCG for 40 day periods, but can do another round of HCG after transitioning for six weeks if further weight loss is desired. 

Why the HCG True diet?  True states many people have dieted without success using diet and exercise and just can’t reduce those extra pounds.  “The amazing properties of HCG help change your metabolism. HCG is safe for men and women,” he says.

HCG is considered a safe hormone. The FDA has not approved HCG for weight loss though it is FDA approved for various health issues and has been used by the medical community for more than 45 years in these various applications.

A leading female medicine specialist in Texas, Dr. True is a gynecologist, anti-aging specialist and cosmetic surgeon.  His training, as well as health and wellness research and practices, has equipped him to perform aesthetic procedures and provide anti-aging medicine using the most advanced techniques and the latest technology for safe and successful results.

Visit his website at  True Aesthetics Center is located at 5203 Heritage Ave., Colleyville, TX.  Phone is 817-399-8783.

To schedule an interview, call his office at 817-399-8783.  Dr. True and his team have before and after photos, patients ready to be interviewed and to show their dramatic results.