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HCG True Diet Seminar Held at Carie Boyd’s Pharmacy

On the evening of January 7th, 2010, Dr. True held a seminar for the HCG True Diet at Carie Boyd’s Pharmacy. The pharmacy was full of people wanting to know more about the HCG Diet. The results of the diet were discussed as well as how the diet works.

A modified HCG Diet, the HCG True diet is a weight-loss program that makes you change. Not only do you change your metabolism, but you also change your eating and exercise behaviors. HCG is a powerful natural compound that forces your body to burn your fat while you eat a very low calorie diet. The key thing is that you feel fine and have energy while it works to pull the calories from your fat and into your blood stream for you to use. While you do it, you automatically incorporate many secrets of success to help you lose the weight. These habits help you keep the weight off long term.

We want to help you lose the weight quickly to get motivated, then keep the weight off permanently. We use the power of HCG and a special diet to accomplish this. After the program and once you have lost all the weight you desire, the habits you have created by doing the program can persist if you continue to do them for the rest of your life.