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Scarless Butt Lift: The New Thread Lift for your Buttocks

Published on January 29, 2013

As we age, our buttocks tend to hang down lower due to many factors. Contributing factors are being overweight, losing a lot of weight, pregnancy, gravity, and simply just getting older. If you have such a concern, there is a

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Weight Loss Enhanced with Calcium and Vitamin D

Published on January 28, 2013

A new study from China discovered a new concept of using Calcium and Vitamin D: losing weight. The study was on 53 overweight and obese men and women who normally consumed very low amount of calcium. Half the participants were

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Harvard Professor Reverses the Aging Process: Telomere Research

Published on January 20, 2013

Research by Dr. Ronald DePinho has discovered a new method of reversing the aging process. He used mice who had lost their intelligence, noted by poor mental tests and shrunken brains on exam. In addition, they had become infertile and

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The Latest in Cosmetic Surgery at the AACS Conference

Published on January 19, 2013

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS) held it’s annual meeting in Las Vegas, NV this week. Presented were talks and demonstrations on multiple aspects of cosmetic procedures. Dr. Robert L. True attended this meeting to keep up on the

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Anti-Aging Seminar: Weight Loss to Live Healthier and Longer

Published on January 11, 2013

Last night, Dr. True gave the first lecture of a five part series on Anti-Aging: how losing weight can help you live healthier and longer. The concept of anti-aging is there are actions that we all can do to decrease

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Autologous Fat Transfer for Face Rejuvenation

Published on January 7, 2013

Autologous fat transfer, that is, transferring one’s own body fat from one body location to another could be the way for face rejuvenation, breast or buttock enhancement or say, reconstructive procedure on chronic leg wounds. Though in cosmetic surgery, the

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