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Give Yourself Longer Eyelashes without Extensions

Published on September 20, 2015

A remarkable product called Nutraluxe MD can make your eyelashes long, longer and longer and won’t break your pocketbook. This eyelash conditioner contains scientifically designed ingredients to help nourish and moisturize your lashes, while protecting them from breakage. Use it

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Know Your Risk: Hereditary Cancer Risk

Published on September 20, 2015

I’m sure you’ve heard in the news about Angelina Jolie and other superstars who did something about their cancer risk. Don’t be alarmed by this media hype. You have more than a 95% chance you don’t need the hereditary cancer

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Smooth the Lines Around Your Eyes: ThermiSmooth

Published on September 20, 2015
Pretty Blond Woman

Those pesky fine lines and wrinkles below your eyes can make you look older yet you’re really NOT. If you have noticed these unwanted changes in your eyes, you may be a candidate for a new procedure called ThermiSmooth. ThermiSmooth

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