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The Incision Location for the Arm Lift Procedure

Published on January 31, 2018

The arm lift procedure requires the creation of incisions in order to reshape the upper arm and remove underlying tissues. The incisions for the arm lift procedure are made along the inside or underside of the arm. This location is

Choosing the Right Procedure to Restore the Beauty of Your Thighs

Published on January 30, 2018

Are you unhappy with the appearance of your thighs? At TrueMD, we can provide you with the aesthetic care you need to have attractive, toned, and well-shaped thighs. The key to excellent results is pinpointing the aesthetic issues on your

How Long Will It Take to Recover from My Facelift Procedure?

Published on January 12, 2018

If you have loose facial skin, noticeable folds and lines on your face, and an overall aged appearance, you can benefit greatly from a facelift. The procedure offers excellent aesthetic results, and the recovery process is simple and relatively short.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Using the V-Lase

Published on January 1, 2018
Smiling woman sitting

Have you ever said, “Sex is just not the same after babies”? You, like many other women, may have some looseness of your vagina due to the stretching and tearing of the vagina during vaginal childbirth. You don’t have to

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