Natural Breast Augmentation Dallas

Have you ever wanted to have your fat sucked out from your belly, muffin tops or thighs and then reinjected into your breasts to make them bigger? Many women have dreamt about this desire, but now they need to dream no more. With newer fat harvesting and fat grafting technologies, we can do this and enhance your breasts with your own fat.

Performed while you are awake, the procedure is a combination of Liposculpture, which decreases fatty areas, to harvest the fat and reinjection of the fat into the breasts, called Fat Grafting. For women who desire a mild enhancement of their breasts by using their own natural, it is an ideal alternative to augmentation by using implants.

Natural Breast Aug at a Glance

Treatment For
Small breasts that you would like to be larger
Expected Result
Mild to moderate enlargement of the breasts
Treatment Time
Around four hours for the total procedure
A few days to a few weeks recovery is the general rule
For Best Result
Must have adequate fat in body areas for harvesting

Dr. True provides this procedure, called Natural Breast Augmentation, for patients in and around the Dallas Fort Worth area of Texas. Located in Colleyville, next to DFW airport, he is centrally located for easy access from anywhere in the Metroplex. If you would like to make an appointment for a consultation to learn more or see if you are a candidate, call us at 817-399-8783.

Frequently Asked Questions – Natural Breast Augmentation