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Boost Your Brain Power and Memory

Every day I see patients who say their memory is just not as good as it used to be and they want help to boost their brain power. If you suffer the same problem, there are a number of actions you can do to boost your brain power. First, regular exercise is essential. Multiple studies […]

ACC/AHA Release New Guidelines: Confirm The True Diet Program

The American Heart Association (AHA) and the American College of Cardiology (ACC) recently released new guidelines on the management of overweight and obesity in adults. These guidelines very closely parallel the program The True Diet (TTD), created by Dr. Robert True. Here are some of the highlights of these ACC/AHA guidelines. Identify adults who may […]

Improving Your Prostate Health

Many men suffer needlessly from problems associated with their prostate gland. Most men equate prostate with performance and the “little blue bill.” This bill increases blood flow and works for a short time only but is not associated with the prostate gland. Most of the time, prostate gland problems include difficulty with urination or possibly […]

Improve You Heart Health with this Italian Fruit

Improve your cardiovascular, heart health, with a new preparation made from a citrus fruit grown in Italy. Called Bergamot, a plant grown in beautiful southern Italy, can help you lower your cholesterol level, your triglycerides, and improve your glucose metabolism to help restore health to your heart. It is especially useful when statin drugs cause […]

Nutritional Aids – For Longer and Healthier Life

This month, Dr. Robert True held a seminar on nutritional aids and supplements to improve your health and potentially to increase your lifespan. Everyone wants to know, “What type of vitamins and supplements should I take?” Well, here’s a good start. You should indeed practice “Anti-Aging” actions. These are actions you can do today to […]

Anti-Aging Part 4: Hormone Therapy

Dr. True discussed the fourth part of his Anti-Aging program, Hormone Therapy, at his office last week. Specifically, he discussed the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy. The videos can be viewed by clicking on the links displayed. Anti-aging concepts are those actions that help decrease degenerative processes that occur when you get older, or age. […]

Harvard Professor Reverses the Aging Process: Telomere Research

Research by Dr. Ronald DePinho has discovered a new method of reversing the aging process. He used mice who had lost their intelligence, noted by poor mental tests and shrunken brains on exam. In addition, they had become infertile and had lost their desire for sexual activity. Their hair was dull and gray, and their […]

Ant-Aging Seminar: Weight Loss to Live Healthier and Longer

Last night, Dr. True gave the first lecture of a five part series on Anti-Aging: how losing weight can help you live healthier and longer. The concept of anti-aging is there are actions that we all can do to decrease the risks of developing degenerative medical problems that can make us age prematurely. One major […]

Cheek Augmentation Surgery

The cheek along with the chin and the lower jaw form the mid to lower facial structures and the shape and size of all the three contribute in making what a face looks like. In the present age of video communications over the internet such as Skype, Face Book and others, people like their faces […]

Avoid Sugar to Slow Down Aging

Eating too much sugar has long been known to have ill effects on human health. But sugar is not easy to avoid as it adds great taste to food and drinks and can be quite addictive. To avoid sugar and yet have tasteful meals and snacks on daily basis may require extra effort in the […]