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HCG Diet for Men

Improving Your Prostate Health

Many men suffer needlessly from problems associated with their prostate gland. Most men equate prostate with performance and the “little blue bill.” This bill increases blood flow and works for a short time only but is not associated with the prostate gland. Most of the time, prostate gland problems include difficulty with urination or possibly […]

Weight Loss Enhanced with Calcium and Vitamin D

A new study from China discovered a new concept of using Calcium and Vitamin D: losing weight. The study was on 53 overweight and obese men and women who normally consumed very low amount of calcium. Half the participants were given supplemental calcium (600 mg) and Vitamin D and half did not. In the group […]

Ant-Aging Seminar: Weight Loss to Live Healthier and Longer

Last night, Dr. True gave the first lecture of a five part series on Anti-Aging: how losing weight can help you live healthier and longer. The concept of anti-aging is there are actions that we all can do to decrease the risks of developing degenerative medical problems that can make us age prematurely. One major […]

Bariatric Surgery – a Weight Loss Surgery

The term bariatric surgery stands for a set of different surgeries any one of which may help obese people to lose weight. The surgery has been recognized to have improved the quality of life and even to have saved lives of many obese people suffering from serious diseases due to obesity. But not all obese […]

Double D’s in the Morning & Dr. Robert True

Lose weight by “tricking” your body that it’s pregnant” was the topic of the Double D show today (March 12, 2012). Hosts of the show, Jamie Dickerson and Bill Dablow, asked Dr. True about how this works. Dr. True discussed the rationale and mechanism of how HCG and a special program can change your life. […]

Lifestyle Talk Radio and Dr. Robert L True

Everyone should strive for the best of health. Most of us drive cars or trucks too, and staying in the best shape is the focus of the interview with Harry Douglas with Lifestyle Talk Radio. Harry offers a radio talk show that is syndicated across the United States through over 580 different radio stations. You […]

Dr. True and the HCG True Diet Interview

Dr. True Interviews with Talk Radio February 17, 2012 Tonight, Dr. Robert True was the guest on Cynthia Barraza’s talk show, “What’s Up Cindy B?” on internet radio. The topic of discussion was primarily the HCG True Diet but he covered some other topics that are of concern to men and women regarding wellness and […]

HCG Diet

As Americans, we are bombarded with new ways to shape up our appearance. From exercises to diets, there are many claims about the best way to lose weight. However, there is a new breakthrough diet that is gaining more and more attention as the weeks go by. The HGC Diet, created by Dr. ATW Simeon, […]

Dr. Oz and the HCG Diet: Doctor Supervision Necessary

The recent popularity of HCG Diets prompted international health authority, Dr. Oz, to do two TV segments on the diet program a few months ago. At the conclusion of these two programs, his recommendation was to only do the diet program under medical supervision. The HCG True Diet is set up to help people lose […]

Dr. True Speaks About HCG True Diet at A4M

During the annual conference of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) this April, Dr. True spoke to a crowd of around 400 physicians about his HCG True Diet program. The talk was entitled “The HCG Diet and Lifestyle Changes” and discussed many aspects of his program.   We have a problem, not only in […]