Photofacials Dallas

Photofacials can treat a variety of skin conditions to rejuvenate the skin from the ravages of aging. They are outpatient procedures with no downtime and are an essential part of a good skin rejuvenation program. They utilize the power of a different wavelengths that can rejuvenate and restore youthful characteristics of the skin.

Some of the conditions that photofacials treat include the following:

  1. Decrease abnormal pigmentations
  2. Even skin color, tone and texture
  3. Treatsun damaged skin
  4. Reduce vascular vascular imperfections
  5. Reduce redness.
  6. Treat acne
  7. Treat rosacea
  8. Remove spider veins

The goals of photo facialtherapy are to even the skin color, to improve skintexture, and to help restore your skin to a more youthful appearance without making you go through a prolonged recovery. It can treat the imperfections and age spots not only on the face, but also on the neck, chest, hands and legs.After a series of Photo facial treatments, patients also report improvement in the texture of their skin and reduced pore size.

Treatments are weekly for a few weeks, then maintenance boosters every 3 months for maintenance. After all, the “aging” process continues to happen so one must consider these as not only treatments for the above conditions, but also as maintenance to help prevent them from recurring as we “age”. In fact, studies of photofacials over the years have demonstrated better youthful appearance of the skin after regular use of photofacials compared with patients’ original skin seen years earlier.

Decrease abnormal pigmentations

Even skin color, tone and texture

Treat Sun damaged skin to the face

Treat sun damaged skin to the chest / decolletage

Treat sun damaged skin to the Hands

Reduce vascular imperfections

Reduce spider veins

Reduce redness

Treat acne

Treat rosacea