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Lasers & Injectables

shutterstock_157697828Have you noticed some wrinkles or age spots developing on your face? Does your facial skin seem more relaxed and sunken?

These are some of the changes that occur as we grow older. At TRUE MD, we offer multiple options that can help you maintain a more youthful appearance of your face.

These minimally invasive cosmetic procedures are performed to help you look your best as you get older without resorting to a facial surgery such as a face lift. Called ‘Anti-aging’ or ‘Age-management’, these less invasive procedures and techniques can be performed in our office, while you are awake, with minimal downtime.


Facial Rejuvenation at a Glance
Botox Smooth wrinkles of your forehead, and more
Facial Filler Restore volume to your face and fill unwanted creases
Fractional CO2 Laser Laser resurfacing – smooth, tighten, and lighten skin
Fat Transfer Use your natural fat to enhance and lift your face
VolumaLift Restore lost volume to your face from aging
Skin Medica Decrease pigmentations, stimulate collagen, etc. at home
Acne treatments Treat acne, reduce scarring and restore new skin
PlasmaLift Restore and rejuvenate with your own blood growth factors


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