Eliminate a Double Chin Without Surgery

Published on March 21, 2017
Lipo-chin1 b


The appearance of certain areas of your body can be significantly diminished by the presence of just a small amount of excess fat. Your chin is particularly susceptible to this issue, because it looks more natural when it is well-defined and it has a very prominent place on your face.

Eliminating this unwanted fat can be a frustrating ordeal. Areas like your chin cannot be effectively treated with diet and exercise – they require targeted spot reduction. That is why Kybella is such a unique and powerful product.

Kybella is specifically designed to target and permanently eliminate the fat under your chin. Kybella comes in the form of a cosmetic injectable, making the treatment quick and easy. Another option is SmartLipo.

If you want a sculpted chin and a beautiful profile, contact us to schedule a consultation for your Kybella injections or SmartLipo with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert True.

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