Weight Loss Programs Dallas

Are you overweight and having difficulty losing those extra pounds? Have you tried restrictive diets and exercise but the weight just stays on you? If so, we have a solution to your weight problem. Our programs change your metabolism while they change your lifestyle and get you off the weight loss plateau.

Weight Loss At a glance

The True Diet is Medically Supervised

The True Diet is a medically supervised weight loss program created by Dr. Robert True that can help you lose 20-30 pounds over 12 weeks, and keep the weight off over time. Listen to Dr. True discuss his innovative weight loss program on Good Morning Texas TV. Not only will it help you lose weight quickly, but it also will help you to maintain a more favorable weight, which can improve your appearance, your help, and your self esteem.

Change Your Metabolism & Your Habits

We help you change your lifestyle with intensive lifestyle interventions (ILI’s) during biweekly visits. We force your body to change its metabolism and your appetite with medications. We incorporate exercise into the program and offer an easy maintenance program to help you keep the weight off. Patients rave about the program, about our staff, and about how they have finally been able to lose the weight that’s been hard to do up until now.

A Satisfied Patient’s Testimonial

Here is a video testimonial of one of our satisfied and pleased patients who lost 65 pounds, looks great and feels great.Our weight loss program can help you lose weight by changing your metabolism and changing your lifestyle. It can change your life, improve your health, and help you feel more alive and self confident. Here is a patient who lost 65 pounds, looks great and feels great. She states the diet is “really easy to do”. She talks about our staff, Dr. True, our facility, and how it has dramatically changed her life. “I feel more energetic…have more self-esteem…I feel I can take on the world.”Our patients are very happy and pleased by the results of our program and our staff at TrueMD.

Change Your Metabolism with Medications

We use various medications, including HCG and supplements, to change your metabolism along with a special low carbohydrate diet. You eat regular food that you prepare yourself according to your taste. It’s like doing a lapband but without surgery and surgical risks. The combination of all parts of our program help you not only get off that weight loss plateau and lose the weight, but also helps you keep the weight off long term.

The HCG True Diet is different than HCG Diet

HCG Diets have been in the news. Use of HCG for weight loss has been controversial as has the HCG Diet. But Dr. True’s HCG True Diet is different. He has harnessed the power of HCG, plus incorporated all the other concepts in his medically monitored program that have been proven to help in weight loss. The result is a program where you’re only eating 500 calories a day but you feel fine, your appetite goes down too, and it’s safe too the way Dr. True has changed it to his HCG True Diet. Here’s a news clip on HCG on Channel 8 News

The True Diet Improves your Health

Why lose weight? Because going back to a normal weight not only helps you look better, but you also feel better and you improve your health. Being overweight, and especially being obese increases your risks of developing a multitude of debilitating diseases that can rob you of your youth. These include an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, orthopedic problems and cancer.

Losing Weight is Essential for Anti-Aging (Preventive Medicine)

By losing the weight and then maintaining a more normal weight, you can give yourself a greater opportunity to extend your lifespan and improve your quality of life. Our programs were created by Dr. True and the concepts have been shown by independent researcher to help you lose the weight and to maintain the weight lost if you do our maintenance program. Weight loss is an integral part of our LEARN anti-aging program.