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For the those of us who diet and work out regularly but still don’t see the results we want, there is still hope with liposuction. Dallas and Fort Worth liposuction patients have achieved their body contouring goals with this trusted and popular procedure.
TRUE MD offers liposuction procedures that sculpt your body into more of the shape you would like to see, called liposculpture.

Click Here for Before and After Photos

Click Here for Before and After Photos

We utilize the latest advances in office-based Liposculpture procedures. These improve the body’s contour by removing excess fat from fatty deposits located between the skin and muscle. Areas improved with liposuction may include your chin, upper arms, chest, breast, abdomen, back bra area, waist, love handles (muffin tops), inner thighs, outer thighs and knees.

Almost all of the liposuction procedures we do are performed while you are awake, otherwise known as
Awake Liposuction. This has proven to be the safest method of doing liposuction. Performed in our office using only local anesthetic and mild sedation, we can reduce and reshape the fatty areas that are a problem for you. Adding other technologies such as SmartLipo,  Laser Lipolysis and BodyJet, improved body contouring results can be achieved.

These help smooth and tighten the skin to help decrease sagging. We can also re-inject the fat suctioned and reposition it in other body areas to sculpt your silhouette even more, called Fat Transfer.

Liposculpture at a Glance
Treatment For: Unwanted fatty bulges that are a concern to you
Expected Result: Reduction of these fatty areas, sculptured for a better silhouette
Treatment Time: One to four hours, depending on the number of areas sculpted
Recovery: A few days to a few weeks recovery is the general rule
For Best Result: Performed after a stable normal weight is achieved

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FAQs about Liposuction/Liposculpture