Body Contouring – A State-Of-The-Art Concept

Published on July 20, 2010
Solutions to unwanted body fat

Solutions to unwanted body fat

So you are among those people who are not comfortable with the shape of your body. Perhaps a lump of fat here and another there, it’s pretty much about the game right. Now, if these are the problems then perhaps you feel bad about the entire deal. However, humans are about solutions and not problems. There are too many solutions to these concerns and we aim to throw your miseries out. Body contouring is a brilliant idea for accentuating the shape of the muscles. Saddle bags and other unwanted lumps of fat that are present beneath your skin may have always hampered your looks. Time to get rid of them!

  • A few people hit plateau with their contours and weight and no matter how hard they try to burn it off, what measures of diet and exercise they follow, the fat simply does not vanish, the muscles simply refuse to present themselves.
  • Body contouring defies genetics. Yes, it teaches us that genetics and lifestyle are two prime reasons for our fat accumulation. Till fat is removed there, you muscles and your body shape can never come out as wanted. Body contouring can be performed ad an office-based techniques that can be done without the need for long-recuperation times. The procedure aims at reducing fat from regions of your body to create and sculpture the beautiful curves and structure of your body awe people.
  • There are many techniques that achieve that can give you that body you always wanted. One is tumescent liposuction, where we use an anesthetizing fluid called tumescent anesthesia, to sculpture your body, thus it is also called liposculpture. Along this we can tighten the skin with SmartLipo, also called laser lipolysis. SmartLipo is one of the latest techniques for body contour.
  • Another great technique is to take the fat from unsightly areas and then add it to other areas that need fuller volume. For instance, some fat drawn from your thigh region can be reinjected into your breasts to give you a more pronounced and enhanced breasts for that more natural look. Normally we use a new technique called the Body Jet lipo for this, which helps preserve the fat so you get a better take of the fat in the new body area.
  • If you want a very flat stomach and you have a “shelf” of tissue or stretch marks in your lower abdomen area, we offer a combined technique called LipoTummyTuck. Also called Bikini Tummy Tuck because the scar is within your bikini line, this procedure results in very shapely waists yet flat flat tummies. It is also performed with tumescent anesthetic, while you’re awake with mild sedation.
  • Lipolysis, Tumescent Liposuction, SmartLipo, Body Jet and  Tummy Tucks are a few procedures that allow you to sculpture your body from unwanted fat to give you a more toned and shapely body. Once done, you get the body you want plus the look of adulations from others.
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