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New Video: Awake Breast Aug

Have you wondered how we do the awake breast augmentation? Now we have posted a video that demonstrates how we do the procedure and how benign and easy the procedure can be for you. The patient is very comfortable throughout the procedure and makes comments about this on the video. You will see how we […]

Promising Results of Double Lumen Saline Breast Implant

A double lumen saline breast implant under 10 year clinical trial in America for evaluation of its safety and effectiveness has yielded promising results at the 2 year time line of the trial. The implant called IDEAL IMPLANT has two lumens (outer and inner) and a number of closely spaced shells in between and baffles […]

Social Media Drive People to Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery outcomes have been seen to be infectious to many people who witness excellent improvements on faces, breasts and other body parts of friends, colleagues and acquaintances after surgery. They look at themselves in the mirror, feel dissatisfied and wonder if they should go for cosmetic procedures. Yet, fear of surgery and recovery process, […]

UK’s Royal College of Surgeons addresses the Final Report of the Expert Group on PIP Breast Implants

The PIP breast implant incident does not affect the breast augmentation patients or the breast surgeons in America, as this particular silicone gel implant was not permitted for use in the country. Yet, the problems that arise due to use of substandard breast implants elsewhere could be a matter of interest to the potential breast […]

Good Candidates for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Even though most women value the size, shape or symmetry of their breasts, not all of them may be good candidates for breast augmentation surgery. The good candidates should be able to meet a set of physical, emotional and medical conditions. Breast augmentation surgery has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in America […]

Trends in Breast Augmentation in Canada

A Toronto based plastic surgeon sees some different trends in breast augmentation surgery in his Toronto based plastic surgery practice from those in USA. The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) reported that in 2011 breast augmentation surgery was the second highest cosmetic surgical enhancement in America with 316,848 procedures performed, exceeded only by […]

Cosmetic Surgery – Why it will continue to grow despite misgivings about PIP Implants

The French company Poly Implants Prothe’ses, (PIP) fraudulently manufactured PIP breast implants using industrial grade silicone (In place of medical grade) and supplied to estimated 400,000 women in 65 countries worldwide endangering their health. Since the days it became clear that the below grade breast silicone implants were used by so many women, creating the […]

Overview Video of How I Can Help You

As a Fellow and Board Certified in Anti-Aging, I produced a video at the last Anti Aging conference that summarizes the many things I can offer to help a woman feel good and look good. My goal is to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, both inside and out. This includes anti-aging concepts such as hormone […]

Awake Breast Augmentation for Fuller Breast

All women wish to have shapely and fuller breasts. Whether you are an adult or a teenager you must dream of having beautiful breasts. Those who have nice large breasts are undoubtedly confident about their looks. Having fuller breasts and looking attractive is not merely a coincidence. It depends on genetics primarily. However to some […]

Awake Breast Aug for Safety and Great Results

Beautiful breast is a dream of all women. No matter whether she is a teenager or an adult, this desire is common among all women. Those who posses shapely and larger breasts are more confident than other girls. They feel lucky and all other women envy them for their attractive look. Having beautiful breast doesn’t […]