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Testosterone Therapy Good for the Heart

If you have been concerned about whether testosterone therapy increases your risk of heart disease or stroke, then worry no more. A recent large study compared rates of myocardial infarction (MI), or a heart attack, and rates of stroke in the general population versus with testosterone therapy. The results were overwhelmingly in support of appropriate […]

Breast Implant Raffle benefits local women and infants.

From the Advocate on the True You Event: [An] Area doctor (Dr. Robert L. True) last week raffled off a pair of boobs in an effort to help a neighborhood-based charity. A Lamborghini was stabled in front of Hotel Zaza, where high-heeled shoes clicked down a hallway leading to a dimly lit ballroom. Inside, dozens of […]

True You Event for Women’s Charity

Last thursday, Dr. Robert True sponsored a TRUE YOU EVENT at the Hotel Zaza in Dallas and the evening turned out to be fabulous. Raffle tickets were sold and the proceeds are to go to the Methodist Women’s Center, which provides services for women in need. Dr. True’s office is all about helping women. The […]

Anti-Aging Part 4: Hormone Therapy

Dr. True discussed the fourth part of his Anti-Aging program, Hormone Therapy, at his office last week. Specifically, he discussed the benefits of bioidentical hormone therapy. The videos can be viewed by clicking on the links displayed. Anti-aging concepts are those actions that help decrease degenerative processes that occur when you get older, or age. […]

Hormone Replacement Therapy is Back in Business

Background: At one time, in the 1990s, Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) was a standard treatment prescribed for women’s severe menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, night sweats, headaches, incontinence and others. The treatment improved quality of life of the women over several years between the pre-menopause and post-menopause phases. But ten years ago in 2002, the […]

Overview Video of How I Can Help You

As a Fellow and Board Certified in Anti-Aging, I produced a video at the last Anti Aging conference that summarizes the many things I can offer to help a woman feel good and look good. My goal is to enhance a woman’s natural beauty, both inside and out. This includes anti-aging concepts such as hormone […]

Anti-Aging Concepts for Your Health

  The goal of “Anti-Aging” therapy is simply to embrace actions that you can take to help you live healthier and with better quality of life. Anti-Aging therapies help decrease the risk of you developing degenerative medical conditions that can worsen your health and appearance.   A good Anti-Aging program first requires a lifestyle that […]

Dr. True speaks to UTA premed students

During their lunch hour, UTA students from the MDPA club gathered together to listen to Dr. Robert L. True discussed his personal experience and training in medicine. The discussion was focused on the many directions future medical students can travel to reach their goal. The club is made up of primarily premed students, but also […]

Hormone pellet therapy, safe for women and men

Recent scientific research has proven that Hormone Pellet Therapy is one of the most effective treatments for alleviating post menopausal symptoms in both men and women and is known for its anti ageing effects as well. In fact, at the Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society (ES) held recently, they concluded that women who start […]

Hormone Pellet therapy – for those with low energy and low libido

Many men and women in their 40s and 50s on up complain of being tired and feel exhausted after just a normal day at work. They have low libido and think that their lack of sexual drive is due to them just being too tired to do anything! Hormone pellet therapy (HPT) may be the […]