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Cheek Augmentation Surgery

The cheek along with the chin and the lower jaw form the mid to lower facial structures and the shape and size of all the three contribute in making what a face looks like. In the present age of video communications over the internet such as Skype, Face Book and others, people like their faces […]

Facial Rejuvenation through Laser Resurfacing

As we get older, and sometimes during pregnancy, changes of our facial skin occur that make us look older. The goal of any facial rejuvenation procedure is to reverse or prevent these changes to give us a more youthful appearing face and skin. There are many processes that cause the “aged” look. These include the […]

The Aging Face and What You Can Do About It

Facial Rejuvenation Most people want to preserve their youthful appearance, and possibly look even better as they get older. Pregnancy can also “age” a woman’s face and many women desire some type of facial rejuvenation procedures to help restore what pregnancy has taken away. There are many new advances in cosmetics that can help people […]