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The art of successful aesthetic consult

The main aim of an aesthetic consultant is to enhance the overall beauty of a person. According to Robert L True, M.D. , it is very important to know the patient’s real reason for aesthetic improvement and treat accordingly. The real aesthetic treatment requires multi dimensional approach, that includes safe treatments, establishing trust and producing […]

Juvéderm VolumaLift XC for Facial Rejuvenation

Recently, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved the use of a cosmetic filler that promises to restore the volume in your face. Called Juvéderm Voluma XC, which is a hyaluronic acid/HA made by Allergan, has the same effects as the Juvéderm we now use, but with more volume. Allergan utilizes a special technology called […]

Vampire Lift: Restoring Facial Youthfulness

The Vampire Face Lift is a new cosmetic procedure that has become very popular, not only locally but also among the “Hollywood crowd”. Kim Kardasian had it done and now it seems like everyone in the Hollywood circuit wants to have a Vampire Face Lift. During the Vampire lift procedure, a sample of your blood […]

Cheek Augmentation Surgery

The cheek along with the chin and the lower jaw form the mid to lower facial structures and the shape and size of all the three contribute in making what a face looks like. In the present age of video communications over the internet such as Skype, Face Book and others, people like their faces […]

Cosmetic Surgery Results Partly Depend on Patients’ choices

As per statistics of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the number of cosmetic surgeries done in 2011 including the minimally invasive procedures was 13.8 million, a rise of 5% over the 2010 figure. That cosmetic and plastic surgery is getting more popular and is taken up by people of all age groups in […]

The Aging Face and What You Can Do About It

Facial Rejuvenation Most people want to preserve their youthful appearance, and possibly look even better as they get older. Pregnancy can also “age” a woman’s face and many women desire some type of facial rejuvenation procedures to help restore what pregnancy has taken away. There are many new advances in cosmetics that can help people […]


Many women start noticing lip wrinkles and thinner, less full lips in their 30′s. Unfortunately, this cosmetic problem usually continues to worsen over time as part of the “aging process”, to the dismay of many women. Fortunately, we have a solution to this problem that will help you enhance your lips to a more beautiful […]


Many women start noticing lip wrinkles and thinner, less full lips in their 30′s. Unfortunately, this cosmetic pro