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Wish With Wings Event

On February 2nd, Dr. True spoke at a local charity event about the HCG True Diet. The fund raising event was for the Wish for Wings program, which is to help children with debilitating diseases and/or cancer to have a chance at fulfilling their wishes. A brief video presentation about these children was given and […]

HCG True Diet Seminar Held at Carie Boyd’s Pharmacy

On the evening of January 7th, 2010, Dr. True held a seminar for the HCG True Diet at Carie Boyd’s Pharmacy. The pharmacy was full of people wanting to know more about the HCG Diet. The results of the diet were discussed as well as how the diet works. A modified HCG Diet, the HCG True diet […]

HCG True Diet -Offers Rapid Weight Loss Results

 News Release: Dallas/Fort Worth, TX. – A healthy program for dramatic weight loss is being offered in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and some dieters are experiencing up to a 25-pound fat loss in 40 days.  What makes the diet so unique is the use of HCG, (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), a natural hormone with the ability […]

The HCG Diet Works!

Amazing Weight-Loss Results from The HCG True Diet Program Have you been working hard at losing weight but you just can’t seem to do it? Are you stuck in a rut and can’t seem to shed those extra pounds despite dieting and exercising? Is frustration overwhelming you because you reduce the amount of food you […]

The “Who?”s of the HCG Diet

Who can do the HCG Diet?   Most people who have an overweight problem and seriously want to lose over 20 pounds of fat can do the HCG diet. The best candidates are people in relatively good health who are motivated to lose weight. People in poor health should either not do the diet, or […]

The “How?”s of the HCG Diet

How Does HCG cause the weight loss? The HCG diet is based on utilizing the amazing fat mobilizing properties of HCG. HCG is an abbreviation for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is a hormone naturally produced in a woman’s body when she is pregnant. It has many functions and is used medically to treat a variety […]

The “Why?”s of the HCG Diet

Why would I do the HCG True Diet? Many people have tried multiple diets without success. They are frustrated by not losing weight, despite reductions in their food intake and multiple sessions at the gym. After all their struggles, they just can’t understand why the extra rolls of fat just don’t melt away. If you […]

The “What?”s of the HCG Diet

What is HCG True Diet? The HCG weight loss diet consists of a very low calorie diet (VLCD) accompanied by treatments of HCG given either via injections or a topical cream.  The average HCG dieter experiences rapid weight loss averaging 1 to 3 pounds per day.  In addition to loss of unwanted fat, the true […]

Want to Lose Weight Fast? TryThe HCG True Diet Program

Dr. Robert L. True offers a unique medical weight loss program to patients desiring a healthy, effective weight loss and management program. The program has the advantages of medical assistance and supervision to ensure your safety, while enabling you to lose weight rapidly to help motivate you to achieve your weight loss goals. The weight […]