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Patient Survey on Liposuction, Abdominoplasty and Combined Procedures

People go for cosmetic procedures to look good, which boosts their confidence level and self esteem. Their post procedure inputs are important for the doctors and associated service providers to assess work done and future prospects of such work. To know if people are satisfied with the procedures undertaken and feel happy about the outcome, […]

Low Testosterone May Be Detrimental to Your Health

Testosterone is very beneficial to your health and new studies suggest that you may even live longer if you don’t have “Low-T”. One recent study found that low testosterone levels be actually be harmful and even deadly. Moreover, having more testosterone appears to help you live longer and with better quality of life. These researchers […]

Reducing Heavy Menstrual Flow

Many women suffer from heavy menstual periods. When these become a problem, women want options to help decrease or eliminate heavy menses from there lives. Hormone therapy, endometrial cryoablation, or a hysterectomy are some options that should be considered. Not all women need ablations or even hysterectomies. Before the patient considers options to reduce the […]