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Vitamin Supplements are good, But not in Excess

Vitamins are essential or vital nutrients for our body but in limited amounts. Vitamin cannot be synthesized in our body and so must be obtained from external or dietary sources. Vitamins play an important role in various physiochemical metabolisms, so vitamin deficiency may cause severe illness or developmental defects like beriberi caused by the deficiency of vitamin B1, scurvy […]

Nutritional Aids – For Longer and Healthier Life

This month, Dr. Robert True held a seminar on nutritional aids and supplements to improve your health and potentially to increase your lifespan. Everyone wants to know, “What type of vitamins and supplements should I take?” Well, here’s a good start. You should indeed practice “Anti-Aging” actions. These are actions you can do today to […]

Anti-Aging Actions to Improve Your Health While You Get Older

Wouldn’t you love to leave a healthy life, full of vigor, fit and trim, with toned muscles and a sleek body? This may not be possible for everyone, but everyone has the opportunity to achieve these goals if they live a healthy lifestyle and take action for their health. This includes the proper nutrition, dietary […]

Wellness Concepts for Anti-Aging

Improving one’s health is a passion that all of us should embrace. We all want to live long and active lives, but we are continually bombarded with a multitude of stresses that wear us down. Fortunately, there are actions that all of us can take to help us to become healthier. Sometimes called “Anti-aging” or […]