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Patient Satisfaction Testimonials

See what some of our satisfied patients are saying about Dr. True and the procedures performed by him. Dr. Robert True is a Board Certified Cosmetic Surgeon who specializes in surgeries of the breast and body. We want to help you get that “New, True You” look.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Aug Testimonial 2104 Breast augmentation can boost a woman’s self esteem. Some women fee they don’t have the full breasts they want; they think they have a “boyish” figure. Listen to another of our satisfied patients: “I chose him..because he does the Awake Procedure…I didn’t want to really go under full anesthesia…I’m really happy I chose the Awake Procedure…it was quick, simple and easy…it wasn’t uncomfortable at all…I do feel like I have a woman’s body now…I just feel good…I’m very happy with the results…The staff is great. Dr. True is awesome…I would recommend Dr. True to anyone without hesitation.”
Title label 1802 Testimonial from a satisfied patient after breast augmentation was performed by Dr. Robert L. True in Colleyville, TX. We pride ourselves for offering personalized and caring services for our patients with great results. Here’s another patient who loves the way she looks. “I’ve always had issues with my body…The way I perceive myself has changed and I’m way more self-confident now…From day one, everybody was so genuinely friendly…Dr. True always had done a great job of answering questions and explaining all of the risks and complications that could come in the future understanding and caring…I’ve never had a doctor take the time to hear about who I am..and why I wanted to do the procedure. I felt comfortable when I first walked into the door.”
 Testimonial xyz Here is another happy patient of ours who had breast augmentation performed. She had a prior augmentation performed and wanted to have them redone. Here are some of her comments. “Second surgery was so much easier. The staff, I had tons of questions, everybody got back with me, answered all my questions, made me feel very comfortable… I recovered so quickly I felt like I didn’t even have a second breast augmentation procedure. I just feel really great. My results are unbelievable and I couldn’t be any more pleased. Dr. True is truly amazing and I recommend the awake procedure… I would do it all over again.”
Photo T1 Improving your self-confidence and looking great are goals of breast augmentation. What woman doesn’t want beautiful breasts? Listen to another one of our satisfied and happy patients discuss her feelings about the procedure performed by Dr. Robert L. True. “After coming to Dr. True I feel a lot more self-confident. The experience was great, the staff was great. I’m very happy with the results and I would recommend it to anyone.”
Title Az Listen to another of our happy satisfied patients who had breast augmentation performed by Dr. Robert L True in Colleyville-Dallas, Texas . “I am living proof that your self confidence can do a complete 180…This is something I’ve always wanted to do and, honestly, I couldn’t be happier…Yeah bikini season!..I think this is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life…Dr. True was Amazing…They made me feel I was like best friends with all of them…I always felt comfortable with them. I would recommend them to all of my friends and family…Just amazing people and amazing staff. And I’ve never been happier.”

I love Dr. True & all the awesome ladies. They have become like family.. each lady there will treat you like you are the most beautiful girl in the world! Love it.. love them. Highly recommend everyone use them!!!!!♡♡♡♡♡ It went great!  I would do it again in a heartbeat.  I have had no complications, and everyone in the office was wonderful.

I can’t believe how much better my self esteem is.  I am in my 40s and thought I was past the point of enjoying breast augmentation, but…WOW!  Was I wrong!  I don’t look like a Christmas tree in my clothing any more.  I was able to view my breasts before the surgery was finished, and Dr. True did a magnificent job.  I wasn’t afraid because I wasn’t put to sleep.  This procedure was safe, and I am more than satisfied with the treatment and care I received.  I can’t say enough great things about Dr. True and his staff.  They are AWESOME!

Very pleased with my results. Would recommend to anyone. Extremely good experience with very little pain and downtime.

I couldn’t be happier with the surgery. The whole experience was fantastic. The results are exactly what I had hoped they would be. I can’t thank you guys enough.

Every time I visited his office I’ve had a pleasant experience. He and his staff do a wonderful job of making you feel comfortable and welcome. I’ve wanted to have breast aug done for years and even had consults done by other physicians but decided against it. When I found out Dr. True was performing the procedure, there was no other option for me.

I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Dr. True and his staff for helping one of my life long dreams come true.   I have wanted to have breast augmentation for many years, and recently made the decision to have the procedure done after many hours of research, in an effort to find the right doctor.  I am very apprehensive when it comes to anesthesia and I don’t have a lot of flexibility in my schedule; therefore, these two factors alone were the front runners in me not having the procedure done sooner in life.

As you know, Dr. True is well known and highly respected in his field of study and has received countless commendations for his exceptional work.  Furthermore, he is one of very few doctors that performs the AWAKE Breast Augmentation procedure of which  the patient is awake throughout the entire process and can go home immediately afterwards. This is also great because the patient is able to make interactive sizing decisions.  Additionally, this method minimizes the discomfort level and lends to a more speedy recovery since anesthesia is not involved.  This has proven to be true.

Two weeks post-op, I am very pleased with my overall experience and results, and I am grateful to Dr. True.  From the day I made the initial phone call, I was treated with the utmost respect, professionalism and compassion.  And, at every level of the process I was kept informed with step-by-step instructions and overall expectations followed up with answers to all of my questions.  Furthermore, the initial discomfort really was easily managed with the prescribed medications just as I was told during my pre-op discussions.  I was back at work full-time and chasing my four children within four days of surgery and am still going strong.

On a last note, I truly appreciate Dr. True’s passion for helping women to improve their overall well-being with all of the variety of services that he and his staff provide.  It is comforting knowing that when you make an import decision that impacts you from both a financial and health perspective that both are equally valued by not only the recipient but also the provider.  And, furthermore, the results are delivered without fail and in alignment with the hype generated through the media and by the doctor himself.

Liposuction/Smartlipo/Tummy Tuck

Thank you for making a life long hope to have normal looking legs come TRUE. I’m forever grateful for the beautiful job you did on my legs.

I want to thank you for giving me a little more self confidence.  My husband not only notices a physical change, but he also notices the confidence exuding out of my personality.  It’s amazing, I LOVE IT!  Thank you, Dr. True!

Dr. True and his staff are wonderful!  They made me so comfortable and calm that the procedure was a pleasant experience.  I have been spreading the word.  I love my new tummy!

Dr. True and his staff made the entire experience seem effortless.  The contouring I had done to my body looks amazing!  Dr. True made my wish come TRUE by sculpting the body I have always wanted for myself!  I came back 4 weeks later and had another area done!

LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT!  Easiest medical procedure I’ve ever had!  Was back teaching my fitness classes the DAY AFTER!  I have a waist now!  YEA!

I thought it was great!  You could see results IMMEDIATELY!

Best thing for myself.  Had a wonderful experience with the staff.  Painless procedure, will have another procedure for a trouble spot.  Was able to continue with normal activity the following day.  Thank you, thank you!  I would highly recommend this to anyone.

I am very pleased!  My stomach is actually flat instead of round!  I won’t miss any of my “baby” fat at all!  I was also surprised at how little discomfort there was during and after the procedure.  I went out to dinner with my husband that same evening!It really made a difference and the recovery wasn’t bad.

I’m really happy with the results.Was not as painful as I had thought and recovery was not as bad as I thought it would be.

My Testimonial about my “True” experience: Tummy Tuck

Last fall I had decided that I would like to have a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction done.TT8d

I got online and researched several doctors in the area. I knew the results I wanted, and I needed to feel comfortable, confident, and at ease with the Dr., the staff, and the facility that my procedures were to be performed.

I found Dr. True’s website and read several reviews of other peoples experience’s and decided to make an appointment for my consultation. It was important to me to feel completely comfortable with the Doctor as well as the surgical environment. I left my appointment feeling very comfortable with Dr. True and very excited about my future procedures.

The Tummy Tuck and Liposuction that I decided to do, were explained to me in detail and was made clear, in plain language, what to expect before and after the two procedures. Dr. True and the surgical staff kept me comfortable and informed throughout the procedure. I was monitored constantly, and had Dr. True and his staff’s complete attention.

I cannot say enough about this entire experience and the results are even more incredible than I had hoped for. It was wonderful being able to have this done right in his office “˜Surgie-Center’ and under local anesthesia. Dr. True is a caring and gentle doctor and a “True” artist. His entire staff is competent, caring, friendly and they make you feel as if you are the only patient and they care about you as a person. They all make you feel so good about yourself and your decision.

Thank you Dr. True and to all of your wonderful staff.

Oh, and I had a perfect in home nurse, my hubby.

I could not ask for more perfect Doctor, perfect office and surgical staff, great in-home nurse, and the best part, a perfectly flat tummy!

The Magic Man, October 7, 2008, 5:53 pmReviewer: tiffanysims

TS12187 thighsDr. True is an expert in women’s health and and cosmetic procedures. I am a 40 year old registered nurse and have had many cosmetic procedures. Since age 13 I have always hated my pear shaped saddle bag thick short legs. Sadly I had liposuction done by another plastic surgeon 2x by the same guy and He never took enough off. I traveled from plastic surgeon to surgeon having consult after consult. I could not believe that not one of them knew how to do liposuction on fat knees-UNTIL DR. TRUE. He is so gifted. He has made a life long dream of having beautiful legs come true. Finally after 27 years I love my legs and I am at peace with my body.

Every single person in his office was off the charts outstanding-kind, warm, helpful and open. The ladies at his office are as loved as he is and I don’t always feel that way. What a wonderful experience. I am planning to go back one day if I ever need help again and I will recommend him to all I meet. I feel like he should teach some of th e other guys I consulted: that “Yes it is possible to do liposuction on fat knees”. This doctor made my legs look Long, Skinny and like a teenager or a model and I’m only 5’2″. I love this doctor he is the KING of liposuction a brilliant artist and sculptor. Save your self time, money, and disappointment, go to Dr. True and let him transform you into the most beautiful version of yourself that not even you have imagined.


Dr. True is truly gifted. He has made sure first and foremost that I remain well and healthy. He is compassionate and I wouldn’t go to any other doctor for my female health needs! Thank You, Dr. True, for the gift of a flat stomach. It has given me confidence again!” MW


To Tams:

I am very very satisfied and I don’t know how much to thank you for being a awesome listener. I didn’t know anyone who has the same issue but I went through my personal problem for last 25 yrs of my life and I always been ashamed. You are great and staff was awesome… I just can’t stop thanking you. I wish I could go in public and tell the world about how I feel but it’s so personal and all it matters is that I did it for myself and I am extremely happy about it. You are a blessing! Thank you so much!!

My testimony for Dr True:

If I could give an advice to all women going through same problem as I did, I just wished I have gotten it done sooner to lesson emotional and mental stress. I never told anyone about it and it was even harder to deal with. It took me a long time to decide, did plenty of research, and it was difficult on deciding what doctor to choose until I came across Dr. True. I am very thankful for Miss Tams for being very supportive and informative and to Dr. True who did a amazing job. I have never been so happy and confident that I could finally be myself. My recovery is going great since day of surgery and I feel wonderful. I can actually look in my area and feel normal and natural instead of embarrassment and frustration. Thank you for everything, everyone are wonderful and awesome doctor and staff.  K.Y. Irving, TX

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

The personal care that I received was wonderful.  Dr. True and his staff were very helpful and understanding.  I wasn’t embarrassed, and I am so grateful for a better sex life with my husband.  Thank you Dr. True.

Everyone has been very patient and caring.  Dr. True made a very difficult subject to approach very easy to talk about.  His work was incredible, and I am very happy!

I was so humiliated about the way my personal area looked, I was born with excessive tissue.  I had been unable to be intimate because of this embarrassment.  THANK YOU Dr. True, for doing a fantastic job, and taking away a terrible feeling I had about myself.

Everything was excellent. Everyone was a lot nicer and helpful than they had to be. It was almost like being at home. I felt very comfortable which helped me to relax a lot more. I know I was in good hands and should get great results, and I did! I really trust and respect Dr. True. You really have to trust someone to have vaginal plasty done and I was not worried at all. I could not have asked for better care. The Doctor and staff are really great.


Stress Urinary Incontinence treatment: “Dr. True and his staff are always so nive and make me feel so comfortable. The hospital staff were also great and friendly and took great care of me. I no longer leak urine as before the surgery”.

The True Diet / HCG True Diet

 TTD SS V  Patients lose weight with our weight loss program and are very happy with the results. Here is a patient who lost 65 pounds, looks great and feels great. She states the diet is “really easy to do”. She talks about our staff, Dr. True, our facility, and how it has dramatically changed her life. “I feel more energetic…have more self-esteem…I feel I can take on the world.”

“It is the best thing I ever did. To lose weight daily is so motivating! I would recommend it to anyone. Hu husband was expecting me to be irritable and was pleasantly surprised when my mood was “great” all of the Time! I had tried other weight loss programs, like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, and the Zone, but I was unsuccessful at dieting; lose a few pounds then always gain it back. I was amazed that my appetite was suppressed and at how satisfied I was. I lost 18 pounds in 6 weeks. This is the most I’ve ever lost at Once! Thanks!!” B.N., Arlington, TX

I had tried Jenny Craig and lost some weight during the time I was on it, but gained it all back because it does not teach you how to eat your own food. While on the HCG True Diet, I have lost 15 pounds in the first 6 weeks and feel great. I was very surprised during the first two weeks because I was very energetic with eating only 500 calories a day. I am happy about the weight I have lost, plus I’m happy it has been coming off slow. I eat better and am more careful of what I eat. I am satisfied with the HCG Diet program and plan to continue with it. – T.G., Fort Worth, TX

I started the HCG True Diet because I needed to lose weight and feel better. I had tried many diet programs, including Atkins, Weight Watchers, Nutrisystems, PhenFen, but the weight didn’t come off like it did with this diet. Plus, I have a good energy level with no hunger. I was able to exertcise and my appetite was suppressed adequately yet I ate only 500 calories a day. In fact, over the last few weeks on Phase 2, I have had a hard time eating all the food. It’s a lot of food once you measure it. I would recommend to program to my friends and will definitely come back for additional courses. – N.F., Carrollton, TX

I weighed 180 pounds when I was in high school. Now, 15 years later and after a baby, I went up to 190 pounds and have been wanting to lose the weight. I decided it was time to change and this program sounded like my best option. I had tried Weight Watchers, TOPS and self directed diets but without success. The weight just came off too slow. In just 6 weeks, I have lost 27 pounds during this last 6 weeks. I had lots of energy and just felt great. I have been exercising too, walking mostly but also yoga. My appetite is gone, and I sometimes can’t even eat all the food on the diet. The program had fulfilled my needs for losing weight and I have recommended my friends to do the program. I love this diet. The results are excellent and it helps me to make a true lifestyle change. – S.D., Arlington, TX

The HCG True Diet Program was great. It helped me lose 23 pounds in 6 weeks so now I can exercise without joint pain. My energy level was high and I’ve felt great. Also, its helped me to be able to run again and now I’m gonna run my first 5K. – R.A., Southlake, TX

I had tried losing weight through a lot of systems, including Weight Watchers, Nutrisystems, diet and exercise. I lost weight with them all but I always gained it back. With the HCG True Diet, I have lost 29.4 pounds and I’m very happy!! As I did the diet, I noticed I had even more energy. Exercise also got easier as I lost the weight. I did weight lifting and cardio without a problem. I think you (Dr. True and staff) were very thorough and responsible with the program. Every time I called with a question it was answered. I thought it went well and would most likely want to do another round. You guys were great. Erin is a sweetheart! I would and have already recommended the HCG True Diet to my friends. – C.J., Little Elm, TX

I’ve lost 24 pounds in six weeks and have recommended the HCG True Diet program to my friends. After trying a lot of other programs, including Phenfen, I still needed to lose weight and feel better. On this HCG Diet, I had good energy level and no hunger. I was able to exercise and my appetite was suppressed. In fact, towards the end I had a hard time eating all the food. I will definitely come back for additional courses. – N.F.

This diet was pretty easy. I wasn’t hungry much and if I was, it was usually time to go to bed anyway – or I drank a glass of water. Preparing the food in advance and cooking healthy meals was a good learning experience for me. Going out to eat with family and friends is the biggest challenge. On the HCG True Diet, I had higher energy as the weight came off. I’m happy with my results of losing 16 pounds in 6 weeks and I hope I’ll lose more the next 6 weeks.- G.R., Keller, TX

I wanted to get healthy and I saw the WFAS video on the HCG True Diet. The lady on the video said she had stopped her hypertension medicine because her blood pressure got normal with the weight coming off. I wanted to get off my blood pressure medication so I started the diet. During the diet, my appetite was less and I gained a respect for food and calorie intake. I was less hungry because of the knowledge that this meant it wat working. I wanted to lose 20 pounds and got it: I lost 23 pounds during the 12 weeks. I did a food journal and this was how I learned about portion size. I love you guys and my new look. I tell everyone about you and the diet program. I want to start a new course and lose more in a couple of months. I plan on doing three courses to meet my goal weight and am excited to do it. – J.A., Carrolton, TX

It has been very difficult to lose weight on diabetes medication. I have tried everything. Lost some and then just stopped losing. I was on a plateau. On the HCG True Diet, I’ve lost 17 pounds in the first 6 weeks and feel fine. My energy level was terrific and I slept very well. I lost all but 10 pounds of what I wanted to lose, but still have my second 6 weeks to go. The instructions I received make it very easy to do the diet program. I still eat less than when I started and have a hard time eating all that food. – C.P., Dallas, TX 3/10/2010

I wanted to lose weight and thought that the HCG True Diet program michgt be a good program for me to try. I had tried many others, including Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig and a low fat diet. During the HCG Diet, my energy level was good, I was able to exercise, and, most of the time, my hunger came only in the morning, but I drank some coffee for this. I lost 23.5 pounds during the first 6 weeks and fulfilled my goal. I would recommend the HCG True Diet to my friends for sure. I think it is a great program. It is about facing the fact that I needed to change what I was eating and my lifestyle. – D.K., Dallas, TX

I wnted to feel better about my body and to change my body image. I tried Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem and plain old dieting. I wasn’t really successful with these diets. I wanted to be healthier too so I tried the HCG True Diet. I wanted to lose at least 20 pounds and I lost 19 pounds in 6 weeks. I didn’t lose any weight while I was on my cycle, but did okay otherwise. My appetite was less while I was on the diet. I did a food journal at the beginning but not towards the end. I was able to workout too. I am satisfied overall with the program and the staff at Dr. True’s office. – M.J., McKinney, TX

I came in at 238 pounds and ended losing 21 pounds. Seeing it on the news, a co-worker and I decided to do the HCG True Diet together. I have tried several other programs, including Medifast, Fig, and others. While doing the HCG Diet, my energy level was good and the food was enough. In fact, towards the end, it began to be too much food at times. I would definitely recommend the program to my friends. – L.B,, Keller, TX

I wanted to lose about 10-15 pounds. I saw this program on TV with Dr. True and wanted to do it. I have done Weight Watchers in the past, but was never able to get the last 5-7 pounds off. I’ve tried the OTC products but they never seemed to work, plus they kept me awake at night. The HCG True diet was easier than I had expected. I have bever been a big eater and always felt my body was in a fat storage mode. When doing Weight Watchers, you’re told to eat a minimum of calories to keep your metabolism going. So I was very hesitant about the 500 calories a day intake. But, on the program I had no cravings and was not hungry, plus I had lots of energy and slept better. I did a food journal as instructed and I think this helped. Dr. True and his staff definitely fulfilled my needs for losing weight. I lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks and feel fine! – D.T., Grandview, TX 3/10/2010

When I first started the HCG True Diet program, I did not believe that I could go through with it, and much to my surprise it got easier as the weeks went on. My energy level was up and down, but the B12 shots helped. I was amazed at my weight loss in my stomach area and all my trouble spots. I did a food journal tracking my foods and only walked for exercise.

I am diabetic and have been taking Metformin. After losing some weight on this program, I was able to reduce my dose by a half. Now that I’ve lost the weight I want, I may be able to get off of this medicine completely. In addition, my internist decreased my blood pressure medicine because I was getting lightheaded. If I keep the weight off, I feel confident that I can get off all these medicines, which means my health will be better too!

I have exceeded my expectations and have lost 30 pounds over the twelve weeks on the program. I still have a little more to lose in my stomach, but I think I’ll do liposuction or a tummy tuck there, which I am also excited about.

M.B., North Richland Hills, TX

I go to SMU and being in college is hard enough. But this diet was easily managed into my school life. The first 2 days I was hungry, but that’s it! By week 2, I was working out and not dreading it. I have so much energy and I’m truly happy. So far I’ve lost 12.5 pounds in six weeks and plan on losing more. – B.T., Dallas, TX

Eating only 500 calories a day, I thought I would feel hungry, but didn’t at all! I thought I would overeat from stress, but didn’t! I didn’t do everything right, but I still lost 23 pounds during the first 6 weeks, it was great and I feel fine.  I stayed focused on losing wait and keeping it off and that helped. My energy level was super high throughout the program. I was able to exercise by walking out of doors, which I like doing. Positive attitudes from Dr. True’s staff was a great motivation. You also have to write your food and water intake down daily to be successful. – H.G., Rowlett, TX

I wanted a jump start with my weight loss. I’ve done Weight Watchers in the past ans was successful, but the weekly weigh-ins and meetings were hard to attend. This diet taught me types of food to eat and to stay away from. I bought a scale to measure and it’s amazing how much each thing weighs. I did a food journal (hit and miss), I recorded my weight every day and I exercised.

My appetite got less a few weeks into the program – I was hungry at first but it got better and I felt great. Although the scale didn’t move as much as I wanted, I am pleased with the inches lost and the way my clothes fit now. The girls at Dr. True’s office are all great and friendly. I’ve lost 14 pounds in the first 6 weeks and am ready to lose more in the second 6 weeks. – A.B., Grapevine, TX

I tried Jenny Craig but was too hungry to stay true to the plan. I tried the HCG True Diet after a friend who had great results referred me. On this diet, I found it tough to stay true to the plan, not because of hunger, but just due to emotional eating. However, I did it 100% true through 9 weeks. Skipped a very little on weeks 9-12; maybe a bit here and there.

My energy level was great and I played tennis 4 to 5 times a week. I recorded my foods and my weight daily. I lost 20 pounds and I felt wonderful.- G.S, Flower Mound, TX

Book: “Break the Cycle, Get off that Weight Loss Plateau”

Dawn Button, Oakland, CA Granted you need a doctor and it does cost some money, but I am on this and it WORKS. I read the book and went and found a doctor in my area that provides this diet and have been on it since March 2,2012. I am 5’7″ and 58 years old. I have gone from 188.6lbs to 174.4 lbs, a loss of 14.4 lbs in 2 weeks and I feel wonderful. No hair loss, no hunger pains. The first 3 days I felt a little spacey but I had a few apples slices and it kept me going now I am totally fine and still losing weight. The diet is easy, the supplies you need are a $5.00 kitchen scale to weight your protien and a $20.00 digital scale to weight yourself. Only eat foods on the list and you will lose weight. Sugar free gum is a great tool, and instead of water get diet snapple tea in the packets and fill water bottle with ice, which I do anyway. Easiest plan to follow. I love this diet it has enabled me to wear the dress I bought for my daughter’s wedding! The extra perk is the energy I now have and the motivation since I see success and I still get to have my cup of coffee each morning!

If you are not a healthy person check with your regular doctor first.

5.0 star rating  From


First to Review

I never knew Dr. True or any of his staff prior to having my surgery.  I had seen his ad on TV and made an appointment.  I am a RN who at one time was an administrator of a Plastic Surgery Center, so I am fairly critical of the care I receive.  I want to say that I am extremely pleased with the outcome.  The results are exactly as he had promised.  I was concerned about having surgery using local anesthesia with mild sedation, but it went well with no problems.
However, I want to say that one of the main reasons I will go back for further care is because of his office staff.  EVERYONE was always friendly and kind to me.  They made me feel like I was their friend.  The young lady who checked me in each time, always greeted me by name and always had a smile.  The nurses in the back would treat me as if I was special.  On one occassion, I was at a resturant with a friend, when the office manager saw me and she went out of way to come over and say hi, without giving any information of how we knew each other.
Once again, I am very pleased and would recommend Dr. True and his staff, which I have done.