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Cosmetic Surgery News and Resources

Worried About Testosterone Therapy and Prostate Cancer?

There has been a paradigm shift in use of testosterone therapy due to prior misinformation.[1] For years medical students were taught that increased levels of testosterone increased the risk of developing prostate cancer. However, recent studies have proven otherwise, and it is probably better to have higher levels of testosterone than lower levels. A study […]

LEARN Anti-Aging Actions

Learning and embracing concepts that help keep your body healthier and potentially slowing the aging process has never been easier. You can look and feel younger, more energetic, and more beautiful by taking control of your life. If you want a better quality of life but feel you have fallen off the right course, pick […]

Testosterone and Your Heart

The number one killer of men (and women) is heart disease. If there is something you can do to improve your heart health, would you do it? You probably have been lectured on the benefits of staying fit, exercising, eating the right foods, losing weight if you’re overweight. All these are very important in helping […]

Inflammation and Your Brain

Would you like to live longer but live with an active mind? One potent action you can do to help you maintain your brain health is to boost the efficiency of your immune system. Your immune system helps fight off outside toxins and invaders. It has the ability to recognize and destroy toxins, bacteria, viruses, […]

Mini Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgery

Does your stomach bulge and you just can’t seem to get that flat tummy that you want? Perhaps you should consider a cosmetic surgery procedure called an abdominoplasty. There are many types of abdominoplasties, otherwise called Tummy Tucks, from a full tummy tuck to a mini tummy tuck. If you have a lot of excess […]

Testimonials: Breast Aug Boosts Self Esteem

Patients love the results they see after breast augmentation performed by Dr. Robert L. True in Colleyville, TX. Listen to this patient’s testimonial: a satisfied patient with boosted self esteem. Another satisfied patient   Boost your self esteem and get that girlish figure: Dr. True is board certified in Cosmetic Surgery, specializing in Breast and […]

Iodine Deficiency: More than Just a Thyroid Problem

Most people connect iodine intact with thyroid conditions. Indeed, in order to make thyroid hormone, you must have an adequate amount of iodine in your body. However, iodine does much more. Iodine deficiency is linked to fatigue, breast cancer, fibrocystic breast disease, obesity, cognitive impairment, heart disease and psychiatric disorders. Unfortunately, there is a growing […]

Higher levels of DHEA may reduce stroke risk

DHEA may reduce the risk of you developing stroke. A recent article in the American Heart Association journal Stroke concluded that lower levels of DHEA (short for the hormone dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS) was associated with a greater risk of having a stroke in older women. The study was performed at the, researchers from Brigham and Women’s […]

Worried about Testosterone Therapy and Heart Attacks?

Recently, many men have been concerned about advertisements from lawyers who claim testosterone therapy increases heart attacks and strokes. They quote studies suggesting support for these claims(1).  However, the truth is probably far from their allegations and many other studies have found the opposite effect; i.e. testosterone seems to decrease heart attacks. In a recent […]

Where do your nipples fall?

Have you noticed your breast nipples have fallen? Perhaps beast feeding, age, weight loss, or just genetics have left you with nipples that have fallen just too low. If you are concerned about the way your breasts look and wonder if you need a breast lift (called a mastopexy), than read on to see if […]