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ESSURE Permanent Contraception Option

Is your family complete? Many women have given birth to all the babies that they want. They would like to have contraception that lasts forever but don’t want to have to recover from a tubal ligation surgery. Moreover, their husbands don’t really want to have a vasectomy. So what’s a woman to do? The answer

SmartLipo and Laser Lipolysis

Laser lipolysis is a revolutionary new advance in cosmetic surgery to assist the surgeon in body contouring. The technique utilizes a laser under the skin to improve the results of the liposuction. Advantages of using the laser for body contouring are improved skin tightening, smoother skin, less bleeding, less trauma and quicker recovery. There are


It seems like everyone is using Botox now for wrinkles. In fact, it is the number one cosmetic procedure performed in the United States today. So what is all the talk about and why are so many people wanting Botox. We live in an age where people don’t want to show their age. Every day,


Many women start noticing lip wrinkles and thinner, less full lips in their 30’s. Unfortunately, this cosmetic problem usually continues to worsen over time as part of the “aging process”, to the dismay of many women. Fortunately, we have a solution to this problem that will help you enhance your lips to a more beautiful