Laser lipolysis is a revolutionary new advance in cosmetic surgery to assist the surgeon in body contouring. The technique utilizes a laser under the skin to improve the results of the liposuction. Advantages of using the laser for body contouring are improved skin tightening, smoother skin, less bleeding, less trauma and quicker recovery.

There are many types of lasers that can do laser lipolysis. These lasers differ in multiple ways, but the primary difference is in the wavelength of light that they utilize to transmit the energy to the tissue. Some concentrate more on delivering the energy to water, some to fat, some to pigmented areas, and others mixed. The results vary remarkably and are dependent on physician skill.

In fact, the physician’s skill is probably the most important aspect of laser lipolysis and body contouring. The reality is that laser lipolysis is not a stand alone procedure. They can “melt” fat, but one still needs to remove the fat with suctioning and to sculpture the areas treated in an aesthetic manner for the best results.

Many people have an incorrect perception that laser lipolysis is easy to do and that the procedure is a safe, risk free, painless and quick procedure. Many have called it the “lunchtime lipo.” There have been advertisements that have said that one can have the procedure done in an hour or two, with lose of fat, tightened skin, and with no downtime so you can even go back to work the same day.

Unfortunately, the truth is that only rare cases can be included in this. These are patients that have very little fat to remove, and just want minimal dissolution of fat with skin tightening. For most people who want liposuction, they want a significant amount of fat removed, the area contoured, and the skin tightened and smoothed. In order to do this, liposuction techniques must be used, and this requires surgical skill, training and experience.

There are many physicians trained in performing liposuction and laser lipolysis procedures. These are cosmetic surgeons, such as cosmetic gynecologists, who have received additional cosmetic training after their surgical residency to perform these surgeries in a safe fashion and with the best results.

Laser lipolysis and liposuction procedures do carry potential risks. Â These include excess bleeding, infection, skin irregularities, contour deformities, and skin scarring. Because the laser produces heat, there are potential risks with skin burns and thermal injury. If the skin is too elastic after removing the fat, the loose skin can result in unsightly irregularities that can scar and cause deformities. There is really no way to be assured that these unexpected problems wont happen, but luckily they are uncommon.

Specialized surgical training, technical skill, aesthetic knowledge and judgment, and experience are necessary to achieve good results in any type of cosmetic surgery. If you are considering body contouring surgery such as liposuction or laser lipolysis, do your homework and check out the qualifications and experience of your surgeon. You have a higher chance of rood results if you choose the right one to give you satisfying results and make your happy.