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Comparison of the New Fractional CO2 (Dot) Laser with Old CO2 Laser Resurfacing

The new CO2 Fractional (Dot) Laser therapy works to restore skin texture and color. It can reduce fine lines and wrinkles, soften mild creases, and fade abnormal pigmentations that occur over time. These skin changes are the signs of “aging” of the skin, and can occur most prominently on the face, the chest and the

Body Jet Liposuction: The New Water-Powered Liposuction Technology

Have you ever considered doing liposuction to reduce unwanted areas of fat on your body but were concerned about the pain and bruising postop? A new and innovative technology has been developed to help you rid yourself of those fatty areas in a gentler manner. You get great results with less bruising, less pain, and

Body Jet Liposuction – A New Technology

What’s the latest advance in liposuction body contouring? The Body-Jet® is the latest technology that allows for a more gentle removal of excess areas of fat using the power of water pressure to break the fat cells apart. The disrupted fat can then be easily rinsed out through special tubes, called cannulas, allowing the surgeon

Liposuction Has Evolved for Better Results

There are many types of liposuction available to patients today. New developments have been refined and better instruments which help the surgeon give the patient a better result. Many of these methods offer the best results with less trauma and less downtime. A fast recovery time, less pain, less complications, great results and competitive costs