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Best Success for June, 3rd Week: Tummy Tuck

Out of all the many successes we saw this week, we chose a beautiful lady who had Awake Tummy Tuck done around 6 months ago. She came in for a routine postop visit and all was very well. She loves the results and so did we, so much that we thought we would highlight her

“Best Success” for the Week

Because we have had so many great successes with our cosmetic and health programs, we have launched a new program in our office called the “Best Success” for the week. Essentially, as we see patients during the week, we pick one who we feel has one of the best outcomes of the patients seen that

Hair Restoration to Fill What Nature Loses

Have you or your spouse noticed your hairline receding or the top of your hair getting thinner? Have you been afraid of restoring your hair because of the associated downtime or pain from the procedure? Wait no more for you can have your hair restored safely and with less downtime with a new hair restoration

Labiaplasty | Dallas, TX

A labiaplasty is a surgical treatment that corrects redundant, enlarged or long labia minora. Women who seek this procedure are usually self conscious about asymmetric labias, hanging labial tissue, or have pain during sexual intercourse. The purpose of this procedure is to decrease large labia minorae, to create symmetry and to make the labia look

Featured on CW33 TV for Myth Busters

On June 4th, I was featured on the TV channel CW33 and asked to clear up some of the myths that have been discussed about women’s health. Click here to see this TV interview. Here are some of the topics discussed: First, we discussed my unique weight loss program called the HCG True Diet. This