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Botox for wrinkles

As human beings grow older, fine lines and wrinkles also start appearing on the face. Hectic lifestyle, genetics and increasing stress also causes people to get wrinkles at an early age. However, there is no need for excess concern for people who want to remove wrinkles and age gracefully. With so many medical and technological

Vaginal rejuvenation

Today’s modern age women are taking control of their lives. They are miles apart from their earlier counterparts who would prefer living a sexually unsatisfying life rather than consulting a doctor regarding a problem pertaining to their genitalia. In fact, the increasing number of women opting for vaginal rejuvenation surgery, also known as female reconstructive

Labiaplasty labia reduction

Labiaplasty or Labia reduction is a type of cosmetic surgery that is performed for the purpose of reducing the size of the labia minora – the lips of the vagina. In most cases this surgery is performed to trim the size of these inner lips of the vagina if they extend below the outer lips

Hair restoration by hair grafts

Before and After NeoGraft Hair Restoration All of us wish to have fuller hair that we can style any way that we want to. Unfortunately, many people, especially men, tend to develop balding areas that negate this idea. Having a full head of hair had remained simply wishful thinking for many until the advent of

Fat transfer: To fill volume and lift the face, breast and buttocks

The lust for youthful looks has made men and women try everything that comes with a promise of undoing the ravages of time. Loss of volume of the face giving a sunken look can be as much a cause of worry for women as sagging breasts and buttocks. New and exciting breakthroughs in cosmetic procedures

Awake breast lift procedure with or without augmentation

Breast Augmentation- Figure correction concept Breast Augmentation and Breast Lifts have become a common phenomenon in figure correction concepts. Gone are the days when searching out and worrying to get the perfect look of your breast used to be a nightmare. Well developed, optimum rounded and beautifully positioned breasts can give you a sensuous contour

SmartLipo Liposuction body contouring

Smart liposuction for direct weight loss SmartLipo offers a body contouring procedure which happens to be less intrusive than traditional liposuction. It allows the removal of a lot of fat with tightening of the skin at the same time. It might not be a direct method towards losing weight but for sure it helps in