The lust for youthful looks has made men and women try everything that comes with a promise of undoing the ravages of time. Loss of volume of the face giving a sunken look can be as much a cause of worry for women as sagging breasts and buttocks. New and exciting breakthroughs in cosmetic procedures now give you the opportunity to enhance your body contour by filling in and lifting sagging areas using your own fat. Age result in a breakdown of the underlying support structures, such as collagen and elastin fibers, causing the droops, but fat transfer can prove to be a great solution to help enhance and lift your problem body parts.

Fat transfer with Liposuction and Possibly Add a Thread Lift

During these procedures, liposuction is performed in fatty areas and fat cells are thus “harvested” and refined for reinjection into the problem areas to restore and enhance volume. The fat can thus help restore what time has taken away. It can rebalance the fat in the face, enhance the size of your breasts or even reshape and enlarge your buttocks. Usually, several treatments are recommended to ensure viability of the fat that has been transferred. The result is rejuvenation of volume in your body according to what you want. There are many techniques that we can do to accomplish this, including NaturalFill and Natural Facial and/or Breast Enhancement. Inaddition, thread lifts may be added to help raise these areas through the use of special threads with cones that hold the tissue up. These thread procedures are called the Spydr Lift or Scarless ButtLift.

Fat transfer to the face

As we age, most of us lose volume just below the eyes and the cheek area resulting in a sagging of the skin and formation of deep hollows and creases in the face. These can be corrected with facial fat transfer with fat rebalancing. This procedure is extremely safe and has provided great results for facial contouring, especially with regards to these problem sunken areas. This not only is performed in the cheek areas and under the eyes, but also around the mouth and the sides of the chin areas.

Fat can be harvested from many areas on your body, and is transfered carefully to the desired areas on the face to give it a more youthful and full appearance. One has to only look at their high school or younger facial photos to see how they have lost the volume in these areas and thus understand the benefit of restoring volume to give you that younger look again.

The fat derived from the body areas is carefully obtained through special liposuction techniques. Some of the newer techniques that are more gentle on the fat for better survival include hand syringe lipo, BodyJet and AquaLipo. Once collected and processed, the fat is then reinjected into the face to correct multiple volume changes that the time and the forces of aging have produced. These include correcting sunken cheeks, thin areas under the eyes area and creases along the smile and frown lines. This can also be used to treat scars and depressions or hollows that develop on the face.

Fat transfer to breasts

Fat transfer has become a popular procedure for breast augmentation as well, call Natural Breast Aug. The best part about this procedure is that it increases the breast size using your own natural fat for an even more “natural” look. Only minimal enlargement can be performed and if this is your desire, this technique may be the best option for you. It can provide mildly fuller enlarged breasts that look quite natural.

Usually, several transfers of fat are necessary to give you adequate volume. For those who want to only use their natural fat, who do not desire implants, and who want just a mild augmentation, this is the prcedure for you. We perform several types of this procedure, including Naturalfill and Natural breast augmentation.

Fat transfer to Buttocks

Made popular by Brazilian cosmetic surgeons, thus called the Brazilian ButtLift, this technique involves harvesting large amounts of fat from other areas of your body and transferring the fat to the buttocks. The best areas to harvest this is from the waist, sides and back to help further contour the slope of the back and enhance the shape of the buttocks. All other areas can be also liposuctioned and it is recommended that the patient undergoe two or three fat transfer procedures to give her the desired results.

Scarless ButtLift

If the buttocks or breasts are sagging, another potential procedure to lift them is to use special threads and pull the areas up using cones embedded in the threads. The procedure is called the Scarless ButtLift and can be performed on the breast, the buttocks and possibly even the thighs on those who are candidates for this new scarless procedure. Only a consultation with us will enable you to know if you are a candidate. Dr. Robert True was the first cosmetic surgeon in Texas to introduce this novel approach for patients desiring an easy lift for their concerns.

Cost of Fat transfer

The pocket pinch for fat transfer varies on a case to case basis depending on the amount of fat transfer that a patient needs, the number of sittings needed to achieve desired results and the patient’s tissue response. If you had been interested in getting liposuction, the cost of adding a fat transfer procedure is relatively minimal. Call us at 817-399-8783 to learn more.