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Breast Augmentation After-Care

Before you undergo any surgery, it is wise to get a clear idea about three things – preparing for it, undergoing it and caring post-op. The same applies for a cosmetic procedure, like a breast augmentation surgery. Your surgeon is the best person to ask for specific instructions regarding the post-op phase. Here are a

Understanding the effects of labiaplasty on your sexual life

Before undergoing a cosmetic surgery on the intimate body parts, you may have numerous questions and doubts. Your surgeon is best suited to provide you the answers to these questions. You may have nagging questions regarding your sexual activities if you are preparing for a labia reduction surgery. Here are a few of the common

Hormone Therapy: Safe & Effective

Whether bioidentical hormone therapy is safe or not has remained a hot topic for debate for the last few years. Many doctors are using this natural hormone therapy to relieve women from symptoms of menopause. But there are experts who still doubt the effectiveness of this procedure. Moreover they are quite concerned about whether it

Get Radiant Skin with Chemical Peel

We all want to look young and beautiful. It is a common desire among women and now it has become a common desire among men as well. As we grow old our skin becomes dry and dull. Signs of aging like lines, wrinkles, patchy skin, dark circles bother us like anything. But there are various

Vaginal Makeover for Your Happy Sexual Life

After spending a long time with each other, many couple find that there are not enough satisfied with their partner as far as their sexual life is concerned. This has become a common reason for break up between couples. They become sexually frustrated and move on to find out a new partner breaking their old

Get Rid of Your Flabby Abdomen with Ease

It is a dream for most of us to get rid of the flabby abdomen. The mantra is simple. A combination of proper diet and exercise can help you to do away with excess fat. It is the abdomen where the fat seems to store every time you eat things like pastry, chocolate, rolls, burger

Know the Various Options for Facial Rejuvenation

Facial rejuvenation has become a popular term today. Twenty first century people are more conscious about their health and look because both mental and physical fitness as well as beauty are at stake as a result of growing pollution, excessive work pressure, relationship problems and so on. If you look good you are much more

Nutritional supplements to boost your anti-aging objectives

There is a popular mantra – “you are what you eat”. You may already be taking sufficient amount of regular diets, but is that enough to boost your immune system, prevent degenerative diseases or increase your energy level? No, it’s not. Ordinary regular diets lack essential vitamins and minerals. You need supplements that provide nutritional

How do you choose friendly clinic for your cosmetic treatments?

Is it your introductory visit to a cosmetic surgery clinic? What comes into your priority list? Of course, friendly and informative service as anyone would expect best of the surgery care at the cheapest price. But is it so easy to get a reliable and expert surgeon for the same? Here are the quick essential

What Makes Cosmetic Surgeon’s Job Highly Valuable?

Cosmetic surgeons are highly valuable these days when people are growing more and more conscious about how they look. They count on cosmetic surgeons to treat any deformity in their body. For example someone may want to get rid of scars or wish to enlarge breasts; he or she will turn to a cosmetic surgeon.