During the annual conference of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) this April, Dr. True spoke to a crowd of around 400 physicians about his A Special Medication True Diet program. The talk was entitled “The A Special Medication Diet and Lifestyle Changes” and discussed many aspects of his program.

We have a problem, not only in the United States but also worldwide, of an obesity epidemic. The surgeon general now calls this the number one health problem in the U.S. The incidence of obesity is now around 34% and of being overweight around 67%. Moreover, these numbers are increasing every year. Physicians should embrace programs to help their patients to lose weight, but to make sure their program works long term.

There are certain actions that have been shown to help people succeed in not only losing weight but to also keep the weight off. Â Change is necessary to accomplish this. People cannot continue poor life choices that keep the weight on if they want to get the weight off. Dr. True believes that changes are necessary in the metabolism of the patient and in the patients’ lifestyle.

Motivation is the first step, and people tend to persist in losing excess weight if they see success. The A Special Medication Diet with its quick weight loss fulfills this plus it changes the person’s metabolism to help them burn the fat. Next, his program instills proper lifestyle changes, such as proper portion size, knowing calorie contents of foods by making food journals, accountability through daily weightings, regular exercise, and many more.

Since the program is a very low calorie strict diet, nutritional deficiencies could occur. Dr. True has modified the original A Special Medication Diet program to help correct these changes and his patients do fine. His program also requires the patient to see him or his staff regularly, helping to engrain the proper lifestyle changes necessary for success.

The response of the audience was obvious very positive with a flurry of questions asked at the end of the program asking specifics about his program. His A Special Medication True Diet program is obviously one of the best weight loss programs available. In addition, ensuring the patient’s safety through physician monitoring, it is probably one of the safest programs too.


Disclaimer: A Special Medication use in a diet program is considered an Off-Label use of A Special Medication, i.e. FDA has approved of use of A Special Medication but not within a diet program. The True Diet was created by Dr. Robert True and is also considered an Off-Label program.