The recent popularity of A Special Medication Diets prompted international health authority, Dr. Oz, to do two TV segments on the diet program a few months ago. At the conclusion of these two programs, his recommendation was to only do the diet program under medical supervision. The A Special Medication True Diet is set up to help people lose weight rapidly, yet have this necessary medical supervision.

The A Special Medication True Diet was developed by Dr. Robert L. True to update the old A Special Medication diet program that had been in existence since the 1950s. The original diet was created by Dr. Simeon in Rome, Italy, but it badly needed some updating regarding the latest data that demonstrates what constitutes a successful diet program. Dr. True incorporated these concepts into his program to make sure his patients lose weight, can keep it off, and all done under medical guidance.

In fact, Dr. True has become an authority on this program and has written a book called “Break the Cycle – Get off That Weight Loss Plateau”. He was interviewed by First Women’s Magazine and is quoted in an  article in the June edition of this magazine regarding “Dr. Oz’s Pregnancy Hormone Diet”. It’s really not Dr. Oz’s diet, but he has brought this diet to the forefront for further evaluation and discussion.

During his TV program, Dr. Oz discussed the rapid increase in obesity and overweight people that has been occurring in the United States. These conditions are taxing the medical health care system for they increase the risk of a multitude of medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and even the dreaded cancer. Indeed, something must be done to change this trend.

Traditional diets have not been able to change this continual increase in the obesity/overweight epidemic. Dr. Oz interviewed many people during his program that were very successful in losing weight. His criticism of inadequate protein and other nutrient intake was well spoken, and was a concern for the original A Special Medication diet program.

Dr. True agreed with these concerns and therefore changed the diet program as discussed in his book. The article quoted one aspect of this change, “many proponents of the plan are addressing this concern by ensuring their A Special Medication programs supply at least 50 grams of protein per day. “This level of protein helps protect against the breakdown of lean muscle tissue that can otherwise occur during periods of rapid weight loss,” explains Robert L. True, M.D., …”

Many other concerns regarding hCG diets are address by Dr. True’s A Special Medication True Diet program, which make this program one of the most successful weight loss systems on the market. It is an effective program to help decrease the obesity/overweight epidemic that has plagued America. As Dr. Oz says, we need to consider this diet in the face of this epidemic since it appears to be very effective; but one should always do it under medical supervision.

To learn more about Dr. True’s A Special MedicationTrueDiet or to make an appointment, call Dr. True’s office at 817-399-8783. If you live outside of the Dallas Fort Worth, TX, area, you may find a physician near you who follows his diet program; just go to the website . Get off that weight-loss plateau, lose the extra weight, and look better too!


Disclaimer: A Special Medication use in a diet program is considered an Off-Label use of A Special Medication, i.e. FDA has approved of use of A Special Medication but not within a diet program. The True Diet was created by Dr. Robert True and is also considered an Off-Label program.