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Benefits of the Mediterranean Diet

According to a new research it has been found out that a Mediterranean diet ceases the damages that are caused to the small blood vessels of the brain. This type of diet regimen rests mainly on plant based foods like fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and the like. Foods are preferred to be cooked more using

Uterine Cancer

The uterine cancer is as the name suggests a form of cancer that originates from the uterus. This type of cancer occurs when the normal cells in the uterus changes and grow uncontrollably. This then forms a mass called a tumor. This tumor can be either benign i.e. not fatal or malignant i.e. it can

Ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is the fifth most common cancer among women. Mostly, this kind of cancer arises from the surface i.e. the epithelium of the ovary but may also originate from the egg or supporting cells, called germ cell cancers. It is a little difficult to diagnose the early signs of ovarian cancer since the signs

Essure Treatment

Essure is an excellent procedure for attaining permanent sterilization or women. If you do not plan to conceive any further, then you can opt for this sterilization procedure. Under this procedure, a small insert is passed through the vagina into the corners of the uterus and it blocks the sperms from getting in to the

Breast Cancer Prevention

Breast cancer is a cancer that has its roots in the breast tissue. It mainly originates from the milk ducts or lobules and cancers from the milk ducts are known as ductal carcinomas and those from the lobules are known as lobular carcinomas.  This is a disease that prevails in humans and other mammals. If

Birth control

Birth control is one of the many techniques that prevents fertilization and interrupt pregnancy. Family planning is extremely important whether you are married or about to get married. Before opting for a birth control method you must take in to considerations like your lifestyle, your and your partner’s health and several other factors. The type

Lifestyle Talk Radio and Dr. Robert L True

Everyone should strive for the best of health. Most of us drive cars or trucks too, and staying in the best shape is the focus of the interview with Harry Douglas with Lifestyle Talk Radio. Harry offers a radio talk show that is syndicated across the United States through over 580 different radio stations. You

Interview with Dr. True and KFNX: Networking Arizona

On Friday, February 17th, Dr. True was interviewed by talk host Carol Blonder on Networking Arizona on KFNX radio in Phoenix, AZ. Carol asked about the latest statements by the attorney general regarding HCG use in a diet program. Dr. True explained that the ban on HCG was specifically the over the counter product that

Proof that Awake Cosmetic Procedures are the Safest

At True Aesthetics Center, we specialize in cosmetic procedures performed while you”™re awake. These include Awake Liposuction, Awake Breast Aug, and Awake Lipo-Abdominoplasty.  We have always stated that these are safer procedures for the patient. If you”™re going to do an elective cosmetic procedure, we believe it should be performed with the least risks. After

Dr. True and the HCG True Diet Interview

Dr. True Interviews with Talk Radio February 17, 2012 Tonight, Dr. Robert True was the guest on Cynthia Barraza’s talk show, “What’s Up Cindy B?” on internet radio. The topic of discussion was primarily the HCG True Diet but he covered some other topics that are of concern to men and women regarding wellness and