Dr. True Interviews with Talk Radio February 17, 2012

Tonight, Dr. Robert True was the guest on Cynthia Barraza’s talk show, “What’s Up Cindy B?” on internet radio. The topic of discussion was primarily A Special Medication True Diet but he covered some other topics that are of concern to men and women regarding wellness and anti-aging.

Cindy asked about how Dr. True got started in providing the diet program. He told a story of some of his patients wanting to do the diet program that they had heard of which used shots of A Special Medication and a 500 calorie a day diet. To his surprise, they returned a few weeks later stating that they lost over 15 pounds and that they felt great. They had energy and their appetite had decreased too. Surprised at these results, he researched the diet further and revised the old A Special Medication Diet program to make it more nutritious, safer, and more effective for long term weight loss. Thus sprang A Special Medication True Diet Program.

The question of how A Special Medication works was made. Dr. True explained that A Special Medication is the pregnancy hormone and works on women and men in similar fashion. No, it does not make man boobs. A Special Medication changes your metabolism in the face of a very low calorie diet. It forces the fat to give up the calories because it “thinks” that you’re pregnant and it must feed the baby. Thus, it pulls the calories from the fat and puts them in your blood stream to feed the baby. But there’s no baby, so you get to use those calories. Calories are energy units, thus you feel fine, you have energy, and your appetite goes down too. It’s a remarkable process that really works to help lose weight.

Over the years, since the original A Special Medication Diet was created, we have learned a lot about success in weight loss. We also have learned about proper nutrition and the need for exercise. Thus, Dr. True has incorporated all these new advancements in his program, including lifestyle changes for long term success and Liposhots to help give you energy and burn the fat. In addition, a very low calorie diet such as 500 calories a day can potentially cause some medical problems. Thus, he recommends that the diet should only be done under a physician’s supervision.

Not only Dr. True thinks this, but also Dr. Oz. Dr. True was quoted in the article in Women’s First Magazine’s article on the Dr. Oz segments about A Special Medication Diets. Dr. Oz stated that there was something to this diet because so many people were having success on the diet program. However, he recommended that the program should only be done under a doctor’s supervision, and that proper nutrition should be maintained. He recommended that people go to physicians who have changed the program as such, and this is exactly what Dr. True has done with his A Special Medication True Diet program.

The program has been so successful that Dr. True wrote a book about his program to help people to conquer their overweight problem. The book is called “Break the Cycle” and it is available at Amazon.com. It is targeted to those people who have tried to lose weight but it keeps coming back or just doesn’t want to go away. Thus, it explains how you can “Get off that weight loss plateau”, lose the weight and keep it off.

Losing weight not only helps you to look better and feel better, but medical conditions are improved too. Dr. True explained that many of his patients who take high blood pressure medicines can reduce the dose or even get off the medicine if they lose the weight. Many diabetics who lose the extra pounds can sometimes reduce their diabetic medicines, and sometimes the diabetes will actually go away. Plus there’s less risk of many cancers through weight loss.

The interview ended with some other options that Dr. True has to reduce those last few pounds and bulges of fat that ruin your body contour. For those pesky bulges that remain after the weight is gone, Dr. True recommends liposuction or tummy tucks. He specializes in cosmetic surgery of the breast and body, and is unique in doing these procedures while patients are awake using special local anesthetic techniques. He also offers bioidentical hormone therapy, particularly hormone pellet therapy that help not only improve a person’s quality of life, but can also help them live longer and healthier. The combination of all these options helps him achieve his goal: to enhance your natural beauty, both inside and out.

Dr. True is in Colleyville, TX, next to DFW airport, Grapevine and Southlake, in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area. For a consultation, call him at 817-399-8783.


Disclaimer: A Special Medication use in a diet program is considered an Off-Label use of A Special Medication, i.e. FDA has approved of use of A Special Medication but not within a diet program. The True Diet was created by Dr. Robert True and is also considered an Off-Label program.