Everyone should strive for the best of health. Most of us drive cars or trucks too, and staying in the best shape is the focus of the interview with Harry Douglas with Lifestyle Talk Radio. Harry offers a radio talk show that is syndicated across the United States through over 580 different radio stations. You can go to their website www.lifestyletalkradio.com to learn more. This week he was emphasizing health and driving, so he contacted Dr. True regarding weight loss.

The focus of the interview was on Dr. True’s book, “Break the Cycle”, and how people can lose weight using A Special Medication and a special diet program outlined within the book. The program is Dr. True’s variation of an older diet program, A Special Medication Diet, but has been updated and modified to make sure the person maintains adequate nutrition plus can do the program safely.

Dr. True discussed his A Special Medication True Diet program thoroughly throughout the program. First, Harry asked about how A Special Medication works to help people lose weight. A Special Medication is the pregnancy hormone, and in the face of a 500 calorie a day diet, the body’s metabolism will change to chew up the fat calories with resultant weight loss.

The difference between the original A Special Medication Diet and Dr. True’s A Special Medication True Diet is many. First, adequate nutrition is maintained throughout the program. Although only 500 calories are consumed, which seems like a very small amount for most people, it turns out that it can be more than enough, especially when vitamin and mineral supplements are added. In fact, some people claim that they have a hard time “eating all that food” after they’ve done the program for a few weeks.

Second, lifestyle changes are necessary to lose the weight and to keep it off. Dr. True incorporated all the lifestyle changes that work into his program. People doing the program actively do these different behaviors over the 12 week course of the program. If they do two or more courses, then they would do them for 24 to 36 weeks. The hope is that, by the end of the programs, behaviors most likely have changed and they have become healthy habits to do the rest of their lives.

Third, Dr. True wanted to make sure adequate nutrition is maintained. He changed the values of the foods and the portions to ensure adequate protein, vegetables and fruit intake. He added supplements to ensure adequate intake of vitamins and minerals. In fact, he was mentioned in Women’s First magazine for these changes, as were suggested by Dr. Oz during his TV show regarding the diet program.

Fourth, medical monitoring is required for Dr. True’s program. On such a low calorie diet, certain medical problems might occur, but if monitored with blood work and evaluations, these would be exceedingly rare if nonexistent. There are many physicians who do Dr. True’s program, and you can go to www.A Special MedicationTrueDiet.com to find one near you.

Dr. True’s book “Break the Cycle” explains all these aspects of his A Special Medication True Diet program. Moreover, it discusses the health benefits of losing weight and staying more fit. Harry asked about these problems and they relate to all his listeners. Losing weight decreases the risk of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, urinary problems, and orthopedic problems. It can give one a better quality of life plus potentially live longer.