Lose weight by “tricking” your body that it’s pregnant” was the topic of the Double D show today (March 12, 2012). Hosts of the show, Jamie Dickerson and Bill Dablow, asked Dr. True about how this works. Dr. True discussed the rationale and mechanism of how A Special Medication and a special program can change your life.

A Special Medication True Diet is a medically monitored weight loss program devised by Dr. Robert L. True. The program has worked so well that other physicians around the United States are offering the program to their patients. You can find a physician who does this program by going to www.HcgTrueDiet.com.

The program starts with a prescription of A Special Medication, usually by injection or creams, which must be purchased through a physician and purchased at a pharmacy. It is the real A Special Medication and not the homeopathic A Special Medication that had been sold over the counter. Recently, the attorney general took the latter off the market, but the real A Special Medication prescribed by a physician is still okay to use as long as the patient is monitored adequately.

Dr. True discussed some of the potential complications that can occur from a low calorie diet, which may include electrolyte and nutritional deficiencies. His program was designed to eliminate these deficiencies, but to also make sure the patient is monitored with blood work and supervision to virtually eliminate these potential problems.

Losing weight is easy with his program and most people lose 20 to 30 pounds during the twelve weeks of the program. If you want to lose more, you can always do several courses of the program. His program also includes behavior modifications for healthier lifestyles plus long term maintenance options.

Dr. Trues book, “Break the Cycle, Get off that Weight Loss Plateau”, discusses all these aspects about the diet, plus more. It explains the health benefits of losing weight and how to incorporate exercise into your life along with the other life changing actions necessary for successful weight loss. The book is available for purchase at Amazon.com.

The Double D Show is a radio talk show in North Dakota. Called “The Voice of the Valley”, their radio station AM1450 KBMW podcast provide topics of information to their listeners, from Trivia in the morning, news, weather, sports, to informative discussions about topics of the day. Their website is www.kbmwam.com