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Intake of increased vitamin D may reduce Alzheimer’s risk

Vitamin D is a unique vitamin which can be ingested as well as synthesized by human body.  Vitamin D is available in diets and can also be produced by human skin in presence of sun light. People exposed to sunlight regularly do not need any supplement. In places where people do not get enough sunlight

People having Cosmetic Surgeries are still open for more

With the advance of modern anesthesia science, especially tumescent anesthetics, and reduction of associated risks, it is possible to have combined procedures for patients leading to some advantages to them. There are people who have two or more cosmetic surgeries together with one common recovery time and anaesthesia application and a combined outcome. There are also other people

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement on Health

Testosterone may help you decrease your weight and help prevent you from developing diabetes. This protection could thus help decrease your risk of developing many associated medical problems and may thus prolong your life while improving your quality of life. A long term study carried out  by Maimonides Medical  Center in New York City, showed 

Acceptability of Cosmetic Plastic Surgeries

There was a time many decades ago, when cosmetic plastic surgery was meant exclusively for the rich and famous and the patients included celebrities in the entertainment and other fields. That was also the time when cosmetic surgery was considered by common people as somewhat “superficial”, or “pretentious” and the people in general felt uncomfortable

Knowing Patient’s Expectations & Motivation Important Before Cosmetic Procedures

The elective nature of cosmetic procedures puts an extra burden on the plastic surgeons and the patients alike and this burden relates to judging if the overall impact of a procedure would be beneficial to the patient. The need for such judgement is underscored by a statement of Jesse A. Taylor, a plastic surgeon of

More Couples are going for Cosmetic Procedures

There are activities which American couples tend to do together, like going on vacations, attending social functions or places of worship. To this list of couple activities, as strange as it may seem, getting cosmetic procedures appear to be a new entrant. Though there are no statistics yet maintained by either the American Society for

Cosmetic Surgery Results Partly Depend on Patients’ choices

As per statistics of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the number of cosmetic surgeries done in 2011 including the minimally invasive procedures was 13.8 million, a rise of 5% over the 2010 figure. That cosmetic and plastic surgery is getting more popular and is taken up by people of all age groups in

Stem Cells and Plastic Surgery

Stem cells have the special capacity to divide and differentiate into all cell types and to self renew producing more stem cells. There are two types – Embryonic stem cells and Adult stem cells. The embryonic stem cells which are derived from human embryos, can become any other cell type while adult stem cells which

Topical BotulinumToxin Under Trials Has Big Potential

Inject-able botulinum toxin type A product changed the cosmetic treatment industry in a big way when it arrived in the market and now occupies the top position in number of treated cases among  the cosmetic procedures. Being a comparatively low cost and quicker procedure with no down time and not much pain or discomfort, it

Cosmetic Treatment of Hands

Cosmetic Surgery procedures such as breast enhancement surgery are common. But what about Cosmetic Surgery for hands? In the hierarchy of body parts getting more cosmetically treated, the hands have so far occupied a lower position than many body parts like face, neck and a few others including those which attract fat deposits. Now it seems that