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Breast, Buttocks & Face Augmentation by Fat Transfer

There are some cosmetic surgeons who are carrying out breast, buttock and face augmentation using the patients’ own fat. The surgeons are removing fat from a patient’s body by liposuction and mixing a part of the fat with stem cells harvested from fat and injecting the stem cell enriched fat into the breasts for cosmetic

Cosmetic Surgery On Feet

Cosmetic surgery on feet is on the rise in America according to several reports. This new trend in cosmetic surgery is fueled by people who are embarrassed about how their feet look while they are on the beaches, at swimming pools or even in domestic environment and by women’s increasing desire to wear in-fashion narrow, pointed or

Botox Seen To Improve Multiple Sclerosis Tremors In Test Cases

Botox (Botulinum toxin A) injections have been seen to improve tremors in hands and arms of the patients suffering from Multiple Sclerosis in a new research study. The findings of the study have been reported in Neurology.  Botox is extensively used in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures to treat wrinkles by injections and has gained very

Social Media Drive People to Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery outcomes have been seen to be infectious to many people who witness excellent improvements on faces, breasts and other body parts of friends, colleagues and acquaintances after surgery. They look at themselves in the mirror, feel dissatisfied and wonder if they should go for cosmetic procedures. Yet, fear of surgery and recovery process,

Some New Developments in Breast Augmentation Procedure

Two new developments have been reported in the breast augmentation procedure – a new cohesive silicone implant, popularly termed as “gummy bear breast implant” and a faster “Rapid Recovery” technique. The advantages reportedly outweigh the disadvantages in these two advances and they are getting good publicity in the early stages; but their efficacy on long