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Alternatives to Liposuction Surgery

Conventional liposuction, a surgical procedure, gained a lot of popularity in removing pockets of fat from the abdomen, waists, flanks, thighs and many other body parts. It was the most performed cosmetic surgery in America in 2011 according to the statistics of The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS).There are however some people who

Quality of Life improves with Body Contouring after Bariatric Surgery – according to Patient Survey

A long term patient study carried out at theUtrecht University and St. Antonius Hospital in the Netherlands, reported long lasting improved quality of life after body contouring following bariatric surgery. The Study which was based on the patients’ survey was published in the November, 2012 issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Bariatric surgery is usually

Kim Kardasian gets Vampire Facelift

The latest story in the tabloids is that Kim Kardasian got a Vampire Facelift. As written in Life & Style magazine: “Oh, and a story about Kim Kardashian’s “vampire facelift.” Apparently she did this procedure in which blood is withdrawn from the arm into vials. The vials are placed in a centrifuge and spun around

Combined Liposuction and Abdominoplasty Procedures

Liposuction and abdominoplasty, also known as tummy tuck, are the two most popular cosmetic surgical procedures in America. According to the statistics of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Society (ASAPS), among the most performed surgeries in 2011, liposuction was adjudged no.1 with over 320,000 procedures and abdominoplasty at at no.3 with over 149,000 procedures. Liposuction