A new study from China discovered a new concept of using Calcium and Vitamin D: losing weight. The study was on 53 overweight and obese men and women who normally consumed very low amount of calcium. Half the participants were given supplemental calcium (600 mg) and Vitamin D and half did not.

In the group that took the calcium, there was a significantly greater decrease in fat mass loss compared to the group not taking the supplements. The Calcium+D group also exhibited a greater decrease in visceral fat mass and visceral fat area.

The conclusion of this study is that Calcium plus vitamin D supplementation to those who have normally low calcium intake augments body fat and visceral fat loss when combined with a low calorie diet. Although this is a small study, it does suggest an important quality of Calcium and Vitamin D in assisting in losing weight.

The True Diet has recommended Calcium+D supplementation during the diet programs for years. This study confirms the need to do such supplementation. Losing weight is an important action to maintaining better health, living longer and with better quality of life. High dose Vitamin D has also been shown to decrease the risk of developing many types of cancers, which is also an anti-aging action. For further information, check out our website at TheTrueDiet.com.

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