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Hyperthyroidism – Symptoms, Effects and Treatment

Hyperthyroidism is a condition of having over-active thyroid gland resulting in the production and secretion of excessive amount of thyroid hormones namely Triiodothyronine and Tetraiodothyronine or Thyroxine. Thyroid gland is one of the largest glands in human body. It is located at the neck below the thyroid cartilage. Three hormones are secreted from thyroid gland.

Iron Deficiency Anemia in Women

Anemia simply means lack of blood. This is the most common blood disorder. The lack of blood or anemia may be various types, some very common types are given below: Decreased number of RBC (red blood cells) due to some disease like malaria. Blood loss due to some injury or ulcer. Insufficient production of RBC

Role of Folic Acid in Neural Tube Defects

Neural tube defect (NTD) is one of the most common birth defects. NTD develops when during the early development of the fetus, specialized cells on the back of the fetus fail to roll into a neural tube (precursor of spinal cord) and does not close completely . This condition starts at the very early stage of

Vitamin Supplements are good, But not in Excess

Vitamins are essential or vital nutrients for our body but in limited amounts. Vitamin cannot be synthesized in our body and so must be obtained from external or dietary sources. Vitamins play an important role in various physiochemical metabolisms, so vitamin deficiency may cause severe illness or developmental defects like beriberi caused by the deficiency of vitamin B1, scurvy