The main aim of an aesthetic consultant is to enhance the overall beauty of a person. According to Robert L True, M.D. , it is very important to know the patient’s real reason for aesthetic improvement and treat accordingly. The real aesthetic treatment requires multi dimensional approach, that includes safe treatments, establishing trust and producing positive outcomes, these will ensure loyalty and future treatments because the patients are not paying for a unit treatment rather they are paying for overall good results.

Most patients who come in for aesthetic surgeries are focused on a certain concern they have. The aesthetic consultant needs to understand these concerns and tailor a plan of action to correct the concerns. Most of the time, these concerns are actually from multiple issues of the patient’s face, and the consultant must then help the patient understand that to enhance natural beauty full- face restoration is far better option than focusing one area of the face.

Beauty is the combination of symmetry, balance and harmony. Keeping this in mind, before performing any aesthetic procedure , the patient’s features should be analyzed during the consultation exam, and then photographed for documentation. The many expressions of the face should be captured, showing different moods of the patients such as relaxed, animated, smiling, and spontaneous smiling images. These not only help to see the particular line or wrinkles of the patient’s face but also help to point out the positive features of the same. This is very useful to treat the the lines and wrinkles as well as to enhance those good features to restore overall natural beauty. The treatment is done accordingly with multiple procedure and aspects including a mosaic of different fillers (Voluma and Juvederm), neurotoxins (Botox),  and laser therapies (CO2 laser resurfacing), different aspects of the aging face such as asymmetries, sagging skin, brow ptosis, dyschromias (i.e. pigmentations) and general deflation of the facial skin and tissues. So the treatment is done with proper and prior planning.

Treatment should not be done all at once instead it should be done with proper care and lots of patience. This treatment is comparable to restoration of an antique painting, which is done gradually in part by part and with caring fashion. Therefore, antiaging treatments should be employed in multiple sessions over time resulting in natural-looking, youthful face.

According to Dr. True, the most important thing is to instill trust among the patients by giving them time, understanding their need, their background, ethnicity, jobs and the real reason for desiring rejuvenation treatment, in this way they will feel connected with the aesthetic consultant and in turn the consultant can address their concerns, as a result the outcome of the aesthetic procedure will be excellent.