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Lifestyle Changes for Longer Telomeres: Lose Weight, Eat Right, Exercise

The first action you can do to decrease inflammation is to reduce your weight to a normal weight. This is especially true if you are considered obese, i.e. a BMI >30. Too much fat causes inflammation to occur everywhere in your body. This inflammation shortens telomeres, potentially shortening your life. The more body fat your

Ingest Nutrients that Increase Telomere Length

Every day of your life during normal metabolism, your body produces damaging by-products called free radicals. Moreover, any inflammation that is present within your body results in formation of these free radicals, and the inflammation in turn results in destruction of your cells with production of even more of these harmful free radicals. These particles

Vitamins that Increase Telomere Length

We have discussed telomeres and how the longer your telomere length, the healthier and potentially the longer you may live. Increasing the action of an enzyme called telomerase can lengthen your telomeres, and eating certain foods and taking certain supplements can stimulate this production. In addition, there are several vitamins, which taken in high doses,

Turmeric Curcumin for a Healthier Body

One of the best supplements that you can take is curcumin. Curcumin comes from the turmeric plant root that looks similar to ginger root and a wild carrot. The root has a brownish-reddish outer layer that when peeled away reveals an orange looking inner area from which curcumin is extracted. Curcumin, whose active ingredients are

Buttocks Enhancement with Implants

If you have wanted a fuller, more beautiful derriere but are thin and need extra volume in your buttocks, buttocks implant surgery may be a great option for you. The procedure is very safe and effective to give you that “badongadong” that you’ve always wanted. Your buttocks play an extremely important role in your female

Vitamin D Reduces the Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

Researchers from the U.K. reported in a recent article in the periodical Neurology[1] that high levels of Vitamin D reduce the risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This provides more evidence to recommend taking extra vitamin D as an anti-aging (preventive) medicine action. You should get your blood levels over 50 nmol/L. Doing so

Telomere Length: Extend your Lifespan

Did you know that you can do something to help you live longer, healthier and with more vitality and stamina? Through research in Anti-Aging medicine, there have been many phenomenal breakthroughs that have the potential to enable you to do all of these. This new exciting research is concentrating on lengthening your telomeres. Telomeres are

Take Inflammation Fighters to Lengthen Your Telomeres

There is evidence to suggest that shorter telomeres are associated with increased inflammation. People with short telomeres have high levels of several factors that cause inflammation, specifically interleukin-6 (IL-6) and tumor necrosis factor alpha (TNF-alphs).[1] These compounds are known as cytokines which cause inflammation. Cytokines have been shown to block telomerase, the enzyme that rebuilds

Stimulate Growth of Your Telomeres

Growing older is associated with shortening of the tips of your DNA called telomeres. This shortening has been associated with development of chronic degenerative conditions and simply the “aging” process. If we can prevent this shortening, studies have shown a potential fountain of youth to keeping you younger.[1] Your telomeres can be stimulated to regrow