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Strong Bones and Healthy Arteries Connection

You might ask what do strong bones have to do with your arteries’ health. Most people have never heard of the connection but in order for you to have the best of both, you must have the right nutrients in your body. One of the most important, but little known, nutrients for this is Vitamin

Kybella: to Improve your Chin Profile

Kybella is an FDA approved injectable solution that has been proven to dissolve small areas of fat and is approved for injections into the submental fat. Submental fat is the fat that tends to accumulate under your chin and can ruin one’s chin profile. Once the fat is dissolved, most of the time the skin

How Often Can You Do the HCG True Diet?

Many patients ask this question and the answer is simple: as many as you need to lose weight to a health weight. Our HCG True Diet helps change your metabolism to force your body to use your fat calories for fuel. The principle is based on the use of HCG which is the pregnancy hormone.