A labiaplasty procedure is performed when a woman feels the lips of her vaginal opening are too long and she desires a cosmetic procedure performed to correct this concern. There are many techniques available to perform this procedure, including a linear excision technique and a wedge technique. These techniques are adequate for some women but they have their deficits and problems. Sometimes they do not produce the best aesthetic result.

Because of the shortfalls from these prior techniques, Dr. Robert L. True evaluated the essential concepts of an aesthetic vaginal opening and created a different technique, called the True Technique of Labiaplasty, otherwise called the True Labiaplasty. The procedure is a modified wedge technique that gives the best appearance of the labia when healed, and allows for the best preservation of sensitivity of the labia.

The True Labiaplasty results in the best preservation of the aesthetic qualities of the labial lips with preservation of the soft edge of the labia. The lateral sides of the clitoris are trimmed to coincide with the labial reduction to make a more natural flow of the labia while reducing the excess prepuce and lateral clitoral hood. The labia are shortened yet their natural anatomy is maintained and the natural “fall” of the labia and frenulum are preserved. In addition, the scars are well hidden within the creases of the labia and not well noticeable. The soft labial edge is maintained with its sexual sensitivity.

Dr. True will be presenting his new technique of labiaplasty at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery meeting in Florida this month, January 2016. He has performed many of these procedures and has perfected the technique for the best aesthetic results. Prior labiaplasty procedures have had some poor outcomes. Sometimes, too much labia was removed, or the frenulum was cut abruptly resulting in an unnatural defect; the thin natural soft labial edges with their innate sensitivities were not maintained and sometimes the continuity from the prepuce to the labia was not maintained.

The True Labiaplasty technique resolves all of these concerns and issues. The result is the best aesthetic result of the labia and vaginal opening for women. When women feel good about the way they look, even if it is in unexposed areas, their self-esteem is boosted. If you have concerns about the appearance of your labia, if you feel they are too long, then call for a consultation today at 817-300-8783.