This past week at the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery annual scientific meeting in Hollywood, FL, Dr. Robert L. True discussed his original technique of achieving more aesthetically beautiful labia through his True Labiaplasty technique. At this meeting, some of the best surgeons from around the world convened to demonstrate new and improved techniques plus share their experiences so others could learn from these masters.

Dr. True’s labiaplasty technique is a modified wedge resection of the labia minora that maintains a delicate labial edge of the labia while removing excess skin. His technique not only improves the labia, but also removes any excess skin around the clitoris and the perineal area to improve the entire genital area. His technique drapes the labial tissues downward in a special, more natural fashion to ensure they heal together well and with less potential complications.

He discussed some of the prior techniques for performing labiaplasty which did not make sense to him for producing an aesthetically beautiful genital area. He explained the characteristics of a beautiful vulva and how to achieve this beauty through his improved technique. Other techniques used in the past may not give the patient adequate resection of excess tissues nor give the patient a beautiful natural draping of the labial structures. These are all goals that prompted him to create his technique.

His lecture was greeting admirably. After the lecture, many of the other physicians asked a multitude of questions regarding how to do the technique and post op recommendations. Some commented that they themselves did not like prior techniques and felt that this new method could benefit many women desiring this procedure in a more aesthetically minded manner.

The conference was filled with many other great lectures, including facial, breast and body procedures. It also discussed growing applications for PRP (platelet rich plasma), new concepts in stem cell use, and the importance of bioidentical hormone therapy to help reverse or slow down the aging process. Dr. True has been an advocate for all these techniques as part of his Anti-Aging programs at his office. He felt honored to be asked to speak at the meeting and wish the Academy’s continued success now and in the future.