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Laser Hair Growth Therapy Stimulates Your Natural Hair-Regrowth Process

  Laser hair growth therapy and PRP  hair-restoration procedures are some great ways available to you for stimulation of growth of your hair. These treatments can deliver dramatic and noticeable natural regrowth of a patient’s hair. These hair-restoration treatments are able to boost the body’s natural ability to regrow hair. The hair is able to

AACS Annual Meeting 2017

The American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery annual meeting brings together experienced cosmetic surgeons to one place to teach other cosmetic surgeons new technologies and refinements of old techniques. This year, Dr. True attended this annual conference that covered topics from breast augmentation to liposuction and tummy tucks, to surgical and non-invasive facial rejuvenation. He will

Breast Cancer Awareness

We at TrueMD support Breast Cancer wareness and have created action plans to help women fight this devastating disease. First, we provide preventing care advice and recommendations to empower women with knowledge that they can do something to prevent developing breast cancer. Second, we recommend breast cancer screenings through multiple modalities, but especially via mammography,

Enhancing the Definition of Your Thighs

  It can be difficult to sculpt our thighs to the exact shape we want them to be. Often, excess skin and fat can get in the way of having fit, well-defined thighs. A thigh lift procedure may be the solution to your aesthetic issues and can provide you with the tight and toned thighs

Why Is Liposuction Used During an Arm Lift?

Every time cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert True performs an arm lift procedure, he performs liposuction in the area as well. The reason this is required is to ensure that the results of your procedure leave you with tight, toned-looking arms. Excess fat that has built up in the upper arm can give it a lumpy