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Eliminate a Double Chin Without Surgery

  The appearance of certain areas of your body can be significantly diminished by the presence of just a small amount of excess fat. Your chin is particularly susceptible to this issue, because it looks more natural when it is well-defined and it has a very prominent place on your face. Eliminating this unwanted fat

Your Options for Buttocks Enhancement

  Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert True understands that each patient he meets with has a unique set of aesthetic goals they are trying to satisfy. Many patients come in looking for a way to enhance the appearance of their buttocks. Some are interested in increasing the size of their buttocks, while others are more concerned

Can Eyelid Surgery Really Improve My Appearance?

  Can eyelid surgery really make that much of a difference to one’s overall appearance? It may seem strange to undergo surgery on such a small and sensitive area of the body, but the eyelids are an essential part of your eyes, one of the most prominent features on your face. When you meet, greet,