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A Tribute to Our Soldiers of Freedom

On Monday, we as a country honor every American Soldier, Airman, Sailor, and Marine who has paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect our nation. We commemorate men and women who share an unbreakable bond with centuries of Americans before them—men and women to whom we owe our very way of life. As we end this holiday

Your Options for Hair Rejuvenation

Hair loss can be a difficult thing to endure. Our hair plays a large role in the attractiveness of our appearance, and when it begins to dwindle, it can have a negative impact on our self-confidence. At TrueMD, two of our main goals are helping our patients feel comfortable with their bodies and confident about

Correcting Breast Asymmetry

Are you bothered by the asymmetrical appearance of your breasts but are unsure of how to address the issue? This is a dilemma that many women face, and dealing with it can be a stressful and difficult thing to go through. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert True strives to help his patients feel confident and comfortable

The Skin Conditions That a Photofacial Can Treat

Photofacials are an excellent choice for treating a wide array of skin conditions. This powerful and precise treatment sends the energy generated from various types of wavelengths deep into the layers of the face, rejuvenating the radiance and youthful beauty of the skin and face. Photofacials can help to even out your skin pigmentation and