If you are considering undergoing breast enhancement surgery, it is important that you understand how vital it is to maintain balance in your body proportions. It can be easy to think that significantly increasing your breast size will enhance the appeal of your body, but sometimes a more reserved approach can yield results that better satisfy your aesthetic needs.

Women who naturally have breasts that are too small for their body can use the natural proportions of their head, waist, buttocks, and thighs to find a breast size that best complements their figure. This does not mean you cannot opt for a larger size, but it is a good reference to use.

Aside from size, the amount of projection in the breasts must also be considered. If there is too little or too much projection, it can distort the appeal of your figure.

Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Robert True offers a wide variety of breast enhancement procedures and focuses on providing natural-looking results that maintain the balance of the patient’s body proportions. Contact us to schedule a consultation for your breast enhancement procedure.